Friday, December 10, 2010

My (Mostly) Paleo Christmas Menu

Can you believe that Christmas is barely two weeks away? Insane. So far I have succeeded in my quest for a leisurely holiday season, though I have yet to send out Christmas cards (soon) or find stocking stuffers. The kids are provided for in the gift department (they are getting SUCH cool stuff this year), though, and now it's time to turn my attention toward the next-most important part of Christmas Day: the food.

My mom and dad will be here for the holiday, so it will be a small group. My mom always made a turkey or a roast for the holidays when I was growing up--on top of an enormous breakfast, too. I don't mind cooking big meals every once in a while, but I am not quite that enterprising.

And I probably won't be that enterprising at least until the children are a bit older, because mostly on Christmas Day, I'm occupied with taking pictures of The Cute and detaching the toys from the awful, awful packaging (toy companies clearly enjoy their little practical jokes on parents) and occasionally calling a halt to the proceedings so we can clear away some of the rubble wrapping paper. So the food that day needs to be pretty simple. I just can't recreate the effort I put forth on Thanksgiving, a holiday when the children mostly just hang around and watch television with Daddy.

So here's what I'm thinking:

  • I MIGHT make something for breakfast. :P Actually, maybe the hubby will scramble up some eggs and we'll cook some bacon, too. I really wonder if we'll need to bother, because the kids won't eat a thing, I'm sure. But bacon and eggs (with coconut oil) is a nice hearty paleo breakfast, and I know I'll certainly need some fuel to make it through the long long long long day (which will no doubt begin earlier than I'd like it to).

And for dinner:
  • Standing Rib Roast (not sure how I'll prepare it yet, but it'll be some variation of Slather It In Something & Put In The Oven, and I'll get a huge one so there's lots of leftovers!)
  • Roasted Asparagus (in bacon grease, yum)
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes (I think, maybe I'll cheat and just slice them up and roast them)
  • My Grandmother's Rolls *
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake (that was such a hit last time, and I can make it the day before)

How does that sound? Simple to make and mostly healthy!

*The Rolls. As I wrote in the original post with the recipe, these rolls are not only delicious (and not paleo!), but they are a way in which I remember my grandmother. It's one of my very favorite memories of her, when she'd help my sister and me roll out the dough and roll them up into crescents. Every time I make them, I think about her, what her kitchen looked like, how sweet she was to us. These aren't just any old dinner rolls--they are memories.

So I'm going to make them (maybe the day before) with the kids and tell them all about my grandmother while I do it. I might even eat one, but honestly, the eating of them doesn't sound all that appealing to me now. I don't want to eat them; I want to make them. I want to participate in a time-honored family ritual and pay homage to the memory of my grandparents, and involve my kids in the process.

Come to think of it, while I'm perusing my grandmother's old cookbook, maybe I'll find some good paleo recipes. This is a classic cookbook full of old-time recipes when people made food made out of real ingredients, and not a few of the recipes contain lard. :o)

What are you making for Christmas (or what did you make for Hanukkah)? Do you do anything special for New Year's?


Janice said...

Your Christmas dinner menu sound delicious. I love prime rib. I work with Better Recipes and am now focusing on Christmas dinners. For those of you who are doing your research for Christmas dinner recipes, check these out Christmas Dinner Recipes. A couple of my favorites are Apple-Glazed Pork Loin and Spiced Citrus Sweet Potatoes with Cranberries.

Lyle said...

I commend you for teaching your kids about their ancestors - especially the ladies. I've always told my kids that the reason you are able to enjoy life is because of your mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. The menfolk may have been very important in their upbringing but were mere willing accomplices when it came to giving them life!

Hopefully the kids will be able to savor their great-grandmothers non-paleo rolls and pass the stories on to the next generation.

Stella Zawistowski said...

I too am making a standing rib roast for tonight's Objectivistmas festivities, along with a bacon-mushroom sauce. Here's the recipe, and I'll let you know how it goes!

My husband's a big fan of Alton Brown's, and his recipe is a bit simpler (less work for the sauce). You'd have to swap out the canola oil for olive oil to paleo it up, though:

Jenn Casey said...

Thanks for your comments!

Lyle, I know my kids will love to hear about my grandma and they will LOVE the rolls, which are, in my humble opinion, absolutely the best dinner rolls in the universe. :o)

Stella, thanks for the recipes. I hadn't thought about sauce and clearly I ought to! I made a standing rib roast one year and the only thing I put on it was sea salt and it was so good. Though I've never tried using a terra cotta pot!

Mmmm...getting hungry for Christmas dinner already.