Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Oh hey, did you see the big announcement at NoodleFood? They are having a SNOWCON (inspired by the one ATLOS put on last summer)! Kelly and I really hoped that other community Objectivist groups would organize their own MiniCon events and we are super excited that the Front Range Objectivists are hosting one.

But even better than that--did you see who is going to be speaking? Kelly and me! Kelly and me! Woohoo Woohoo! Kelly and me!  (jumps up and down a bunch of times)

We won't be the only speakers, of course, but we're on the schedule--as the keynote! (kinda freaks a bit from the intense pressure)

For those of you who are not parents and don't plan to be, we think what we have to say will still appeal to you. We are going to do a basic introduction to the principles of Positive Discipline, but our main focus will be on the communication techniques we use with our kids. And these are the very same communication techniques that are useful when talking to your spouse or friends or coworkers or managers or employees or customer service peopleguys.

That's all I'll say for now--don't want to give too much away (especially as we're still working on our talk)--but I wanted you to know that this will be a more general talk than the ones we've done in the past.

So needless to say, I'm double-thrilled! I'm so happy that another group is throwing a MiniCon, and I'm happy to be a part of it! Though there's a possibility I might have to bring my nursling if he isn't totally weaned by then--but I know the OEvolve/Modern Paleo people out in Colorado will understand. :)

And I'll finally get to meet everyone in person! YAY!

Speaking of MiniCons--our second one is still scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend in 2011. We have a new name--ATLOSCON (get it? ATLanta Objectivist Society's CONference?)--and are in the planning stages now. Hope to see you at both events (hint hint)!

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