Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

My parents are here an extra day due to the winter storm that hit us on Christmas Day (the first time in over a hundred years there's been snow on Christmas in this part of Georgia). They live in DC, and the storm snowed all over their route home. In other words, we're still celebrating.

Some memories from this holiday:

  • Snow! (of course)
  • A snowman (Tilty the Snowman didn't last too long--next time we'll spend more time on the foundation)
  • Most excellent standing rib roast (I'd make this more often if it wasn't so darn expensive)
  • A very Thomas the Train Christmas for Sean
  • And he also got a guitar! (love at first sight)
  • Morgan had a very Zhu Zhu pet Christmas, both regular Zhu Zhus and Kung Zhus (complete with snake pit for battles, and I am not making that up)
  • She also got craft projects galore (including Shrinky Dinks!)
  • Ryan got an erector set (to the chagrin of my dad who had to help him get started on it) and spy stuff and a Flip Cam (he's made about 5 movies of himself talking already)
  • Brendan received economics books and a computer server thingie and a date with Morgan to a movie and a date with Ryan to a shooting range
  • I received a case (a case!) of my favorite wine. :) 
  • Oh! And I nearly forgot--I got a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas (though I got it a couple of weeks ago). I had a very beverage-y Christmas.
  • Brendan and I took advantage of the free babysitting (aka Grandma and Grandpa) and saw the Harry Potter movie finally

And today we're hitting Jo-Ann Fabrics (where I will drool over yarn for knitting and my mom will choose fabric with the kids to make them clothes) and lunch probably and then . . . back here for more playing with Christmas gifts. Seanie hasn't even opened up everything yet (takes a while when you're two). And sadly I appear to have acquired another head cold (Why, universe?!?!? Why?!?!?!) so maybe I can have a nap, a rare event for the likes of me.

Bye for now! Have a fun day!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Here in the New Mexico mountains we are not so thrilled about snow after last year's record-breaking winter. But we send you our congratulations for a rare white Christmas there in Atlanta. Do you want the storm that is coming through late this week, too? If we can we'll send it to you!

Amy said...

You got way more snow than we did in Northern Virginia! Merry Christmas!