Saturday, January 01, 2011


We are starting 2011 off with a couple of challenges here at our house. Both challenges will do much to help me keep up with my goals for the year (in the previous post). Here they are:

Burpee Challenge

Brendan and the kids (well, probably not Sean) and I are going to do one burpee today, the 1st. Then two burpees on the 2nd. Then three on the third...all the way to 31! I personally think 31 happens to be rather a lot of burpees to do all in a row.

What's a burpee? Here's a video (and no, we won't be doing the burpee-muscle up combo thing at the end, OMG).

Two Drawer a Day Challenge

This is a way to help me jumpstart some decluttering. I'm going to pick two drawers somewhere in the house and clean them out--put away, donate, throw away, or reorganize. The thing that is spurring me on here is that the kids and Brendan want me to create a Daddy Fix It Drawer, where people can put things for Brendan to repair with super glue. So I'll clear out that drawer first.

After drawers (because we don't really have 62 drawers in the house, I don't think), I'll do two bookshelves, then two cabinets a day. If I can really really keep this up, by the end of the month I'll have accomplished quite a bit.

Okay, so are you in on one or both? Come on! You can do it!!!! :o)


Lynne said...

I'm in! On the first challenge, I'm with you until the 10th, maybe the 15th, and all the way to the 31st on the second.

BTW, I love the "Daddy fix it with superglue" drawer idea.

Happy New Year.

Rose said...

Count me in too! I was dragging my feet on the exercise one but I probably need something to do till mountain biking season starts. :)

For organizing I'm sadly not at the state where my worst problem is disorderly drawers. For my task I will be cleaning/organizing a clutter area each day (shelf, 2 drawers, desk top, etc). Today's goal is my desk.

Hanah said...

You inspired me! I have a ton of stuff sitting on top of my dresser because the drawers are crammed full with things I never wear. I just cleaned out two of the drawers and put a bunch of stuff in a give-away pile! Two more tomorrow, and then I can use the third day to clean off the top of the dresser and put the actual clothes I wear in the actual drawers.

I will skip the cross-fit, but I am doing the Whole 30. Started on December 31.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

You know, Jenn. If I had started the two-drawer-a-day challenge back when we closed on the ranch in August, and counted shelves as drawers, I would not feel like I have Augean stables to clean back at our house in the East Mountains.
You're doing it the smart way. I am now stuck with the hard way! LOL.

Anonymous said...

We have a garage with a wall of boxes - instead of drawers, i'll try to unpack at least 2 boxes a day :P

Jenn Casey said...

This is cool! Glad there's lots of people on board, too!

I am proud to say that I cleared out two drawers each yesterday and today, and did my burpees, too. I'm on a roll...but the real test will be how well I can stick to the plan during the regularly scheduled week.

Plus side--one of the drawers had about $10 in change that went right into the Saving for DisneyWorld jar!

So, go us!