Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cultivating the Virtues Q&A

Kelly and I noticed something when we recorded our podcasts the other night: our question queue is dwindling! We've answered many questions sent to us by our listeners (thanks!) as either part of the Q&A portion of the program, and we've addressed some of the issues in other portions of the podcast here and there, too.

Now we'd like more questions! So we set up a page on Google Moderator to collect questions for future podcasts. The fun part about this site is that you get to vote on questions that others ask, too! That will help Kelly and me know which questions are most interesting to everyone.

So is there something you've been wondering about Positive Discipline or Objectivism? Is there a specific challenge you are trying to handle with your own kid that you'd like another Mommy Opinion about? Do you think we are really off-base with all of this non-punitive discipline stuff and want to challenge us? Well then, please head over to our question page and ask us! And vote up good questions from others, too.

Thanks so much!

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