Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exciting Week Winding Down--And Me, Too!

So I've learned a couple of things about myself this week.

Firstly, when things are Exciting! then I don't have time to write on the blog. :)

Secondly, when the Exciting! things include lots of people--even my favorite people like Brendan and Kelly and the ATLOS group--I get overwhelmed and tired sometimes. This is because, no matter how much I love hanging out with and meeting new people, I really am an introvert. My batteries recharge by spending time alone or with just my family. Many times, I need to go for extended periods of time not talking (hard to do with the kids!). And I also need to just sit and be for the batteries to recharge. You introverts know what I'm talking about.

Thirdly, knitting is an ideal activity while I'm just a-sittin' and a-bein'. I'm getting closer to finishing my current practice piece Ryan's scarf.

I'm feeling more charged up though, and ready to be more productive than simply knitting and doing little things around the house. Tonight is Shakespeare Tavern and I am looking forward to it very much. I expect that my recharging will be all finished by Monday, and then . . . look out!

I haven't been completely idle, even apart from knitting. I am proud to report that I went to CrossFit on Thursday night and this morning. There's a paleo/workout challenge going on and even though I'm not officially signed up, I am going to do it informally. So Thursday night's WOD was the benchmark for the challenge and let's just say it kicked my ass in just a bit more than 17 minutes. I was super happy that Kelly was there to share my misery, too. :)

Ryan and I have been working on his room and making good progress! The fact that he is actually helping AND not even complaining is, well, fulfilling all of my hopes and dreams, to be completely honest.

I did some work on ATLOSCon and general ATLOS stuff, too. And had a huge burst of creativity which is enjoyable and hopefully you'll get to see or hear some of it in the near future. (It's a secret! Can't tell you yet!)

And perhaps, most importantly, Brendan and I finished Season 4 of Dexter last night and I will just say this: Oh. My. GAWD. What a great television show. When we first started it, I had serious serious doubts I'd be able to stomach some of the graphic violence, but I've learned to look away when it gets really gross (which isn't all that often, really). It's just a phenomenal show, and I can't wait to start Season 5 so don't tell me what happens next!

Have a nice rest-of-your-weekend! I'll leave you with something fun from Twelfth Night:

But be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.


I may command where I adore.

And please know this, dear Reader, I adore thee very, very much. :)

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Lynne said...

Hey! I just wrote a post with that first Twelfth Night quotation for the title - clearly you stole it from me! Humph. Now I may have to rework the whole post. That's what I get for trying to write ahead.

Anyhoo . . . burpee challenge: check! Drawers: I shelved that one. :( Celebrating my ability to introvert: yippee.