Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exciting Week

I am at the beginning of an exciting week!

After a nice weekend that included a fair amount of productivity, I spent yesterday working on ATLOS stuff and doing stuff around the house. I have a couple more drawers down here to do, but I didn't work on them. I'm expanding my definition of drawer somewhat and yesterday I worked with Ryan on his room and cleaned out my purse (which I decided is basically a junk drawer that I carry around with me everywhere). So that counts, yes? Ryan and I are seriously decluttering his room in anticipation of he and Brendan building a loft bed in there. Which will be super cool.

Then, last night, I spent an evening with Brendan, Kelly, our friend Garrett and CAKE! Lots of fun. Tonight we have our monthly ATLOS Happy Hour and I'm hoping I'll be awake for it. We got home really late last night.

Tomorrow is homeschool co-op which was canceled last week due to the Icepocalypse. This session, both kids are in chess. Then Ryan has a class called LEGO Simple Machines while Morgan has a break. And Morgan is in Sign Language again after Ryan's class while Ryan has a break. The upshot of it is that we're there a looooong time. For various reasons, this is not a drop off program, which isn't such a problem because there are lots of awesome fun funny knitting moms and kids there and we really enjoy hanging out. Though probably tomorrow I'll be looking for a corner where I can nap. :)

Thursday is Sean's and my Music Class and then we have a light schedule for a couple of days and I'll get to go to CrossFit and cook real food for meals (I'm not Whole30ing, but I am tightening up my diet quite a bit) and continue with the read alouds and piano lessons and trying to find violin lessons and discussing Ryan's latest new business ventures and arranging Peopleguy Tours.

And then on Saturday night, I get my birthday present from Kelly and Aaron! Brendan and I will be joining them at Shakespeare Tavern, which is a dinner theater downtown. We're going to get to see Twelfth Night, which, as you know, is always rockin' good fun. Isn't that a super fun good birthday present? There weren't any good plays going on in November and I don't mind waiting--in fact, I think I might still be celebrating my birthday. #Jenn41in2011 ? :)

So anyway, I'm busy and happy and happy and busy. I like this state of affairs quite a bit, though my introvertedness will definitely need a bit of a break.

Speaking of busy, our call for proposals for our second conference is underway, so please get those in by February 1. I find myself in the not-unheard-of position of having too many ideas for my own good, so I might have to choose between two pretty fun ideas. I strongly encourage you to do the same--produce ideas for one more talk than you can really practically do, and then whittle down. It's fun, I promise! (Oh okay, maybe not for everyone.)


Hanah said...

Gosh, your life sounds so much funner than mine right now. I want to take that Lego class!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome week to me. :)