Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Challenge Update

Okay, for those of you who are playing along at home, or are just nosy about how I'm doing on my two challenges for January, here's an update.

The Burpee Challenge

Yes, I've been keeping up with the burpees, even on days when I go to CrossFit! Go me! Morgan and Ryan and Brendan have joined me in this challenge. I know that Morgan has kept up, and I think Ryan is mostly caught up. It's interesting--Morgan remembers to do them all on her own, and will drop on the floor and get going right away. Ryan tends to see Morgan or me do them and then joins in. I'm not sure where Brendan is in keeping up, but he's been doing them.

They're starting to take a bit of time to do. I'm confident I'll be able to do 31 on the 31st, but it'll take more than a couple of minutes. By the way, the kids can do them obnoxiously quickly, and with decent form, too. Hmph. :)

The Two Drawers a Day Challenge

I'm two drawers behind, but that's it! This was going to be the more difficult of the two challenges for me to stay on top of, so the fact that I'm only two behind is quite an accomplishment. So far, I've done all of the kitchen drawers and the two in the little mini-bar sorta area.

Clearing out the drawers has yielded many treasures, such as:

  • Decks of playing cards with the Boilermaker Special on them
  • A set of cocktail napkins that say "One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini, FLOOR!" (Awesome.)
  • About $10 in loose change, which went right into our change jar (to save for a future vacation)
  • 9,000 loose wires and plugs and bits of computer (Mr. Weasley's dream come true)
  • 3, count 'em, THREE! rolling pins (anyone need a rolling pin?)
  • A $75 gift card to Sony that had never been used (I remedied that situation immediately)

Also? I have lots of space-glorious-space in most of the drawers now! I threw so much stuff away--broken things, dried up markers, old membership cards that expired in 2004, etc. I am resisting the urge to completely reorganize until I have a better picture of what we've got a need for, but I've done some reshuffling, too.

For example, we now have a Hair Drawer for hairbrushes and detangling spray and barrettes. We also have a child-accessible First Aid Drawer, where all of the dozen varieties of bandaids now reside within easy reach of any and all who might need one (Morgan has a package of bandaids that look like strips of bacon, how cool is that?).

So today, since I'm snowed in, I'll catch up on my drawers, and I'll do my burpees, too (since CrossFit was closed last night, and I don't think I'll be able to get out of the neighborhood to go tonight).

How are you doing on your challenges (these or others)?


Earl3d said...

Your 2 Drawers a Day challenge inspired me to just CLEAN THE HOUSE, as in, like a deep spring cleaning, only for New Year's. And I totally rearranged my book shelves, consolidated all my books into one area, and have done massive de-cluttering. Still working on things, but massive improvements so far.

Thanks for helping get the ol' ball rolling!

Lynne said...

Burpees: check. All but K are doing them with me. Since I did 40 at the gym yesterday, there was NO WAY I was going home to do 10 more (but doing them at home everyday certainly seemed to make them easier to do at the gym). I just did my 11 for today because this post reminded me. Thanks.

Drawers: dragging. I figure with the lovely snow day were having tomorrow (school has already been cancelled) I can spend some time cleaning out the bathroom with its 4 drawers, 6 shelfs, and 2 cupboards. That ought to bring me up to date on this part of the challenge.

Earl3d said...

Oops, I used the word 'massive' twice. Should have edited!

Lynne said...

Um. That would be shelves.

Lynne said...

Apparently, neither Earl nor I excel at editing our own comments. Let's discuss.