Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

So this is the second day of us being stranded at home. Brendan is working from home (which is something I do every day, now that I think about it) because the roads are covered with a nice layer of ice, some left over from yesterday and some new ice that showed up over night.

In a metro area without sufficient infrastructure to handle lots of snow and ice all at once (we got about 3 inches of snow in 90 minutes on Sunday night), this is a smart--no, the only--decision. It's not the drivers, it's the ice. I maintain that half of Atlanta residents are Chicago natives who know all about driving in this weather, and the other half are Southerners who, Socrates-like, are sensible enough to know that they do not know how to drive in this weather. But I know from first-handed experience that even Chicagoans and Hoosiers and Michiganders (or is it Michiganians? I can never remember) stay home when there's lots of ice. And there aren't even really hills there (there were a few in Michigan as I recall, but Indiana and Illinois are pretty damn flat). We got some hills here in Georgia.

I used to make fun of the city when they only used to spread sand out--years and years ago--and I think that was deserved. About ten years ago somebody (probably a recent emigre from Chicagoland) figured out the chemistry and added salt to the sand mixture and things have been much-improved since then. While I do wish more people would become acquainted (or reacquainted, as the case may be) with the phenomenon known as "black ice," and the technique called "steer into the skid" in general, it's not that bad. I was disappointed, though not surprised, that the post office didn't deliver the mail yesterday. What happened to "rain or sleet or snow or dead of night?" Hmph.

Yesterday was fun fun fun, as a snow fort was built and games were played and football was watched* and hot chocolate and coffee were drunk and of course, the coveted "Daddy" was home for the whole day (though parked in front of his laptop). Today, I suspect, will be slightly less fun, because we're all feeling a bit stir-crazy. It's not that we'd have gone anywhere today anyway, but I hate the feeling that I CAN'T go somewhere.

So now I'd better get some work done, including a future blog post or two. I think we're going to do some reading aloud today (got a blog post idea for that) and I'll spend some time knitting, too. Please send some warm vibes our way...would be nice to escape the neighborhood tomorrow!

*Brendan got some kind of subscription to be able to watch every single NFL game this season, including the playoffs. It's like Hulu, only you pay for it. This very much makes up for the fact that we don't have cable or satellite. Also, he got some kind of magic convertor box thingie to take the tv waves out of the air and make them show up on the Big Wall, so we can now get the free local channels, which will be good because I think one of them is showing the SuperBowl. Thus, we have solved the Great Football Obstacle for good, and removed the one temptation we had to return to cable or satellite. And there was much rejoicing.


Earl3d said...

Hooray for knitting on a snowy day!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Warm vibes definitely coming your way. Unfortunately, it has been unseasonably cold here, too, and so I had to order in from elsewhere to send them to you.

KPOM said...

I'm a native Chicagoan currently in NYC. I agree that ice is the worst. I'll take 8 inches of snow over 1/4' of ice. At least you can see where the snow is. That said, if it's truly snow, it's doable. Just drive carefully, keep a good distance from the car in front of you, and don't drive like Mario Andretti on a closed course and you should be OK.