Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Did you have a nice weekend? We did--and it was gorgeous and nearly 70 degrees here in Atlanta. FINALLY, normal January weather! :)

We spent Friday afternoon at the Tellus Science Museum, and for the first time ever, Sean was a full participant in the activities. I didn't even bring the stroller at all (it's not a huge museum, but it's big enough). He just walked around with his hands in his little pockets, talking and participating with the other kids. He dug for fossils and panned for gemstones (and got a green one!) and played with sound and light. He liked the buttons on everything and pushed them all. At least twice.

I even got to see part of the planetarium show for the first time! Usually, Kelly takes my older two kids and I wait outside with Sean. But I decided to risk that Sean wouldn't worry about the dark (he hates darkness) and took him to see it this time. Not only was he NOT afraid of the dark, he was thrilled, enthralled, interested . . . and LOUD. He talked talked talked throughout, repeating the narrative like a little parrot: And here are the stars Castor and Pollux. Sean: CASTOR! POLLUX! He learned the names of many stars that day: RIGEL! BETELGEUSE! SIRIUS! POLARIS! Yes, he learned them all and loudly, too. After about 20 minutes, I had to take him out--not for crying as I'd expected, but for being a bit too enthusiastic. I was a little proud, to be honest.

On Saturday morning I went to CrossFit. I've been going three times a week pretty steadily here in January, so I'm going to move up to a monthly membership when my punchcard is up. It will be cheaper. And Brendan's considering trying it, too! I am excited, though it will present childcare challenges. We'll figure something out though.

Saturday afternoon I took Ryan and Morgan to a performance of The Wind in the Willows at a local art center. The actors were all high school kids. Morgan wore a Cinderella dress for the occasion, and insisted on sitting in the first row, way far away from Ryan and me in the top row. She was very independent and proud. And well-behaved (whew!). We went with some of our friends from homeschool co-op, so it was fun to hang with them a bit outside of co-op, too. The performance was enjoyable, though all of us secular homeschoolers (and our kids) were more than a little surprised at the group prayer before the performance and all the God-thanking at the end. The art center lost some potential customers. Ah well. Ryan looked at me all eyebrows a-raised and big eyes when it happened, but hasn't asked me about it. Yet.

On Saturday night, Brendan revived the Wii, which had been out of commission due to inadequate cord-age for some months. We played Beatles Rock Band (natch). Again, Sean surprised us all. During our break from Wii, he has matured. Instead of merely interfering with people playing their instruments and freaking out when someone else wanted a drumstick, he sat and played the drums. And sang. Loudly. (I've got another loud boy, it seems.) He protested a bit during the transition away from the drums (we're just beginning that whole learning how to take turns graciously thing), but then sat contentedly and played a guitar with Brendan for the rest of the show. And sang. Loudly.

Yesterday a bunch of us met Earl for lunch. He was passing through Georgia on his way to the Tennessee House. We'll see him again later this week yay!).

Oh oh oh! And I got ANOTHER birthday present from Kelly! The first one was Shakespeare Tavern last week. But she and Aaron also got me: Beatles Trivial Pursuit! How perfect is that? Can't wait to play  it, and I suspect the kids will be able to pull their own, too.

Then yesterday afternoon--well, it wasn't our best afternoon ever. I ended up yelling at Ryan big time. Sigh. But we made things up and have a new plan for the future. I'm mad at myself because I haven't lost it like that in a long, long time. Like months and months. I feel defeated, but I am also rededicated to, you know, setting a good problem-solving example for the kids. Because someone has to be the grownup and I guess that it's not fair to expect Ryan to be the grownup. Sigh.

Our second OGrownups chat was yesterday afternoon (after the hoopla had died down here, thankfully), and it was so fun and interesting. We had about 15 people I think, talking about making the decision to become a parent (more or less--chats wander a bit, which is to be expected). What I like is that even when people are disagreeing, we are able to be kind and respectful about it. Everyone was very careful to clarify and re-clarify what they were saying--sometimes online communication is tricky and it's easy to mistake someone's tone or write something with an unintended tone--especially when the pace of the chat is flying! I've got lots to think about based on some of the things that were discussed yesterday, which is good because thinking is good. And interesting.

Last night, Kelly and I worked on some podcasting stuff while Brendan and the kids stayed here and played the LEGO Harry Potter Wii game. It looks fun, but I remain confused about the LEGO part of all of these games. Couldn't they do the same game without making everything look like it was built out of LEGO? It's just a little strange.

So. Jam-packed weekend, and a jam-packed week (and month) ahead! Good stuff. Now if the weather will just hold, we'll be in good shape!

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