Thursday, February 17, 2011

ATLOSCon Schedule

I'm happy to announce that the schedule of classes for ATLOSCon is up on our website! Registration is not open yet, but we thought everyone would like to know what their options are--and there are MANY. It's going to be a FUN weekend. :)

And we think that we've succeeded in our goal to keep the conference extremely affordable--only $50 for two full days of classes!

Speaking of ATLOSCon classes, Kelly's and my webcast last night was, well, not our best performance ever. We were off our game, partly because we didn't expect webcasting to be so different from podcasting. But we should have--when we podcast, we stop and start and delete stuff all the time, which wasn't possible with a live webcast! Anyway, we're chalking this up to a Learning Experience and will release a podcast soon about the talk we'll give at SNOWCON and also at ATLOSCon. Don't worry--we're really not quite that spazzy when we lead these classes, So if you saw the live webcast, please don't hold it against us! :o)

Anyway, check out the ATLOSCon schedule and if you haven't filled out the interest form, please take a few minutes to do so. It will help us get all of our little ducks in order. Thanks!

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