Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CtV Podcast

We're pleased to present the 13th episode at long last! Please know that we are aware of some technical issues--Kelly has a lot of static on her mic, but believe us when we say that it was much worse before Brendan got a hold of the files! Please bear with us while we work through some of these issues (which will likely exist on the next podcast, too, since we recorded them at the same time).

  • Situation of the Week (Jenn): Helping a toddler cope with fears and enjoying his self-awareness
  • Topic: A view of what it's like to be the parent of a young adult (begins 7:06)
  • Q & A: Does parenting involve sacrifice? (begins 20:09)

As always, feel free to send questions, suggestions, and critiques to cultivatingthevirtues@gmail.com. And we have a new place for you to send questions for future podcasts: check out our Google Moderator page. Please add your own questions and vote for existing questions that you like.

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