Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Allergies? Try Enjoy Life!

A few weeks ago, the peopleguys at Enjoy Life Foods asked me if we wanted to try some of their products in exchange for an honest opinion about them here on the blog.

I thought about this for about two seconds and then said Hooray! Just to be certain I was doing the right thing I asked Ryan and Morgan what they thought about the idea. Unsurprisingly, they readily agreed to be part of the Taste Test Team.

Not too long after that, we received three boxes of Enjoy Life cookies! Woohoo!

Now, you maybe be aware that I'm following a paleo sort of eating plan, so you might be wondering what I was doing eating cookies. I completely understand your concerns and queries and offer the two following points as my only defense: A.) Paleo is not a religion (whew!) and B.) This little experiment was in the interest of SCIENCE, people!

Oh, and I just thought of a third point: COOKIES!

I am a big fan of capitalism for many reasons, not the least of which is that when people are free to create companies and products, there will be many, many choices for all consumers. And this is especially important for families like ours. One of the most difficult and stressful and sometimes downright depressing parts of life with someone who has a life-threatening food allergy is finding food manufacturing companies that you can trust completely to understand about food allergies and offer products that are safe to have in the house. I'm super excited that companies like Enjoy Life Foods have popped up to develop yummy products to fill this niche.

Okay, on to the taste test. My three volunteers (Ryan, Morgan, and Sean) and I tasted the Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies, the Soft Baked Snickerdoodle Cookies, and the Soft Baked Lively Lemon Cookies. Again. All. For. Science.

We tasted the Brownies on the first day. Ryan remarked that, and I am not making this up, they had a "pleasant cinnamon aftertaste." Which is surprising because cinnamon is not listed among the ingredients. Morgan's favorite part was the yummy chocolate chips inside the cookies. Sean didn't have much to say as he was stuffing as many into his face as possible. I managed to limit myself to only two, which was really hard to do. :)

In short, they were GOOD. I've actually eaten these before--I brought them to the ATLOS Fall Family Picnic last October because in addition to Ryan (peanut), there were two other food-allergic people in attendance (egg and dairy). It was a potluck picnic, so I figured that many or most items would be unsafe for one or more of the food-allergic people. I brought the Enjoy Life Brownies so that there would be at least one yummy dessert that the food allergy people wouldn't have to worry about. And they ALL really enjoyed the brownies!

The next day we tried the Snickerdoodles and they were also a big hit! These do have cinnamon in them, which explains why we all tasted cinnamon this time. :) They were chewy and cake-like--actually all of the Soft Baked cookies were cake-like in consistency. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) All three kids were too busy hoovering the cookies down to make any specific remarks about them, but the rapidity with which they disappeared should tell you something about how delicious they were.

On the final day of our taste test, we tried the Lively Lemon cookies. Of the three, these were my kids' least favorite, but they still managed to choke them down. :) There are little pieces of lemony goodness inside and the taste reminded me of the lemon bars that always seemed to show up somehow at family and school picnics when I was a kid. Definitely a worthy choice for people who are not big fans of chocolate or cinnamon.

Like I said, I think it's SO AWESOME that many companies exist now to cater to the needs and desires of people with food allergies. These cookies were truly delicious, and nobody was thinking "Yeah, these are pretty good for food allergy cookies." Nope. These are pretty darn tasty. Period.

Anyway, thanks Enjoy Life for making such yummy treats and for asking me to review them! Please know that everything in this post is my honest true opinion, and that the taste-testing happened pretty much as I described.

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