Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm feeling the need to just say everything I've been doing lately. I had been planning a more thoughtful post (or several) but I just don't have it in me at the moment to write them.

So here they are, in random order, Stuff I've Been Doing And/Or Thinking Recently:

I booked Morgan's 6th birthday party, which will be a Build-A-Bear. We're all looking forward to that very much, though it's still a month away. She's planning to build a dog, naturally. The last time she had a birthday there, I was pregnant with Sean. I think he'll enjoy getting to participate this time.

Kelly and I worked on our SnowCon talk and we're pretty pumped. Hoping our audience enjoys it as much as we think they will. Can't believe that it's less than two weeks away!

Spring has sprung in Georgia (though I don't rule out an extra cold snap or two), and I'm so ready. YAY!

I've really got spring-fever: I even cleaned off and pressure-washed the deck! This is a big thing because it was looking pretty Sanford & Sons back there.

I've also apparently hit the full stride of my mid-life crisis, which is manifesting itself in, as I recently wrote on Twitter and FB, "extreme and unprecedented domesticity." In other words, I planted a garden! So far we've got lettuces, onions (for Ryan), herbs. We're using Kelly's idea of just planting them in the bags of soil. I figure if this garden thing takes off and we do it each year, we'll invest in proper containers or till the yard at that time.

Actual proof I have a garden. And child laborers.

And the kids picked out flowers (which is an actual yearly springtime tradition) for the front yard. Here's a cute picture of Sean watering his flowers (he also pats them and talks to them):

More child labor

Let's see, what else? Oh! I signed up for a Knock Out Cancer 5K in April! It seems like such a strange thing for me to do. I really dislike running, but I've noticed since I've started CrossFit that when I do run I don't feel like I'm going to hyperventilate after about 50 feet. Amazing how that works, huh? I know I'll be lucky to finish in less than 40 minutes (maybe I'm underestimating myself), but I don't care!

Ryan is my training buddy, and we've been doing long-ish run/walk training sessions. Try as I might, I can't convince him to join in the actual race, but I'm glad he agreed to help me train. I'm only practicing running once or twice a week because I'm also doing CrossFit three times a week and I think that's plenty. It's only 3 miles and I've done a few CF workouts that lasted over 30 minutes, so I'm fairly confident I can survive a 5K. :)

I just want to see if I can do this. That's the only reason. Well, the knocking out cancer part is a good, too, because I personally know too many people battling cancer right at the moment.

By the way, I don't think all of this CrossFit/paleo/health-focus is mid-life crisis-related. Instead it's that I'm finally rational and only took me this long so it's coinciding with the mid-life crisis thing. :)

But, back to mid-life crisis stuff (you do know I'm kidding about my mid-life crisis, yes?), yesterday I finished this dishcloth:

See the criss-cross pattern? It's On Purpose!

Of course, I made sure to take a picture of the best part of it. The beginning part of it is a bit wobbly and there are a couple of holes. This was the first project I've attempted which involved following a real pattern! I'm pretty pleased with myself, and quite frankly, am wondering at the amount of time I've spent writing this post since I could have been knitting instead. :) Bye for now!


ChristineMM said...

Good job on everything!

Hooray for gardening and knitting. Your creative juices are flowing!

Joe said...

Unrelated to your blog here (I couldn't see your email address -- go ahead and delete this after you read it), but what happened on the Objectivist Answers thread about public education to cause you to delete your posts? There seems to be a strong undercurrent of "intolerance" there; I've been edited and deleted by Greg P.. I guess it's his site -- so he can do as he likes -- but it sure gives "Objectivism" a bad name! (But that's been going on for a while with the more "fanatical" proponents of Objectivism.) -- Joe Egan (email, written to prevent spam capture): joeegan[the number twenty-three]

Jenn Casey said...

Thanks, Christine! I'm really enjoying myself. :D

Jenn Casey said...

Joe--sorry, I thought my email was on OA. It's rationaljenn AT gmail ETC. :D

There is no intolerance there at all! Not that I've found. It's stated clearly in the rules that comment threads are not supposed to go on forever and it's requested that if you leave a comment making a point that you go back and delete it later.

From the FAQ:

"Limit distracting debate! What makes Objectivist Answers special is that it is a question and answer site, not a general discussion group. Please avoid extended debates in the answers as they tend to dilute the essense of the topic. If you have an alternate answer or a comment to extend someone else's answer, please post it (and revise it as warranted).

Be positive, helpful and tidy! It is cool to give kudos and give advice for improving answers by using comments. But it's uber-cool to then immediately delete that kind of comment! This is great because interested parties will all see your comment in an email alert, but it also keeps that page from getting cluttered, bogging down future readers who just want the darned answer."

So I must disagree that Greg is giving Objectivism a bad name (no scare quotes necessary) and that he is being intolerant. He was enforcing the rules of the site.

By the way, if you do want a copy of that whole thread, let me know and I'll email it to you.

Greg Perkins said...

Hi, Joe. Sorry to hear you feel I've mistreated you and am creating an intolerant climate on the OA site. Of course that's not my intent at all: I am simply working hard to keep the site on-task and useful for everyone -- which includes upholding reasonable standards in titles and tags so the site's information is organized and discoverable, as well as discouraging/cleaning-up clutter, confusion, and sundry abuses outside of the all-important questions and answers (i.e., in the comments).

If you perceive some trouble with anything regarding OA, I encourage you to send me a note at to ask for clarification or to lobby for a change, etc.

Greg Perkins
Benevolent Dictator of