Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ATLOSCon 2011 Updates

Hey hey! We've got some interesting updates on the ATLOS website for you about the conference.

We now have detailed class descriptions (and wow, do we have a TON of classes!). I'm leading two parenting classes with Kelly, which should be great fun. I returned from SnowCon eager to teach more parenting classes because I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Especially teaching with Kelly--super great fun. I'm also leading a discussion about one of my favorite books and characters called "Crocodile on the Sandbank: Peabody and Emerson as Romantic Heroes." Hopefully what I have to say will get many others eager to read these books and fall in love with this characters, too.

Right. Back to the updates. We have speaker bios up, so you can find out who is going to be leading all of these discussions.

The ATLOSCon schedule has been up there for a while--be aware, we're going to be making a few minor changes to it so that we can accommodate speakers coming from out of town. So don't pick your classes just yet! The registration website will be up soon, and of course by then, all of the switching around we need to do will have been settled. I hope.

A final note for parents thinking of coming to ATLOSCon: yes, there will be babysitting on the two days of classes. Probably we'll do the same thing as last year, have a couple of sitters here at my house for all of the kids. One of my ATLOSCon projects is to arrange for this babysitting (as the majority of the ATLOS Kids seem to live here at my house), and I am working on that now. Kids will be welcome at most of the social events, too, such as the afternoon/evening at Stone Mountain, the pool party, the Saturday night party, and maybe the dinner on Friday (I need to check on that). We want this conference weekend to be fun for all of the kids, too. And I like that my kids will have a chance to get to know some great people over the weekend! They had a great time last year. I think I'll create a section about this on the website, so stay tuned for that.

Don't miss the new changes on the website. And let me (or Kelly--but she's busy with the registration stuff now, so I don't mind handling the questions) know if you have any questions about the updates, or ATLOSCon in general.

See you in May!

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