Thursday, March 03, 2011

Solo Parenting

I'm gearing up for a weekend of parenting without my partner in crime life, Brendan, who is traveling to Chicago to attend a family funeral.

We'd considered all of us driving up there, but decided that it would be just too much traveling in too short of a time frame for a very stressful occasion. Considering I can't even make it through a conversation at homeschool co-op without having to chase Sean down or fix something for him or deal with a minor tragedy such as a spill, there's no way I'd even get to go to the funeral even if I was up there.

And Morgan, who can behave pretty well, has a tendency to go rather Salvador Dali (she's melty and slidey, ala Dali's clocks) if made to remain quiet and still for more than 10 minutes.

I'm kind of bummed that I can't be there, but it's best for all of us. So now I'm getting ready for a weekend of parenting solo! Which is only fair, I suppose, as Brendan will have a weekend of parenting solo next weekend when I head to SnowCon! At least my travel is for happy reasons.

These two weekends in a row will be an interesting way to see who is the more fun parent. And I suspect we all know who the clear winner is going to be :D

I plan to have a pretty straightforward, regular weekend, which includes keeping of our plans (a hair cut, a birthday party for a friend, the babysitter so I can go to the birthday party for a friend, decluttering, etc.). I will also work on Mount Laundry and other projects designed to make living in our house slightly more liveable.

When I mentioned all of my plans to Ryan (who is bummed out about not going to Chicago), he groaned. "You're gonna make us WORK?!?!?!?" Um, yeah, dude. We'd already discussed this. Not that I won't do things to make it a bit more fun around here--we'll have "sleep-overs" (where everyone camps out on the family room couches and floor) and I already bought coconut milk ice cream! What more do they want?!?!?!? Sheesh.

I suspect Ryan and Morgan will miss Daddy very, very, VERY much this weekend.

Next weekend, they will probably all play and go on adventures  to exotic places like The Apple Store and go get slushies and eat candy every second and never do the dishes. Which is fine. Daddy is different and if they have more fun with him, then really that's okay.

I know Sean will miss me HARD though, especially at night because he still nurses at night. I'll only be gone two nights so I think we'll both survive. Though it won't be fun for Brendan, so I really can't begrudge him being more fun than me. Too much.

By the way, just in time for my tough weekend of directing my child labor force parenting solo, I present to you a shirt that I made all by my very ownself:

I suspect that sentiment will never be more true than it will be over the next few days.

By the way, I'm going to start a "Peopleguy" line of shirts, too, so if you want one, let me know. I'll make whatever you like: Architect Peopleguy or Programmer Peopleguy or Gardener Peopleguy, etc.

Wish me luck! Or booze! Yeah, I'll be happy to accept booze in lieu of luck.

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