Monday, March 21, 2011

Time to Empty Out My Brain!

If only I had a Pensieve. . . . Ah, well. I have a blog and that's something anyway. (Take THAT, Dumbledore!) I will now proceed to tell you about most of the things I've been doing or thinking about lately.

I have finally fully returned from SnowCon, meaning that the laundry is finished and the suitcase is put away and I have turned my attention away from the memories of that fun weekend and am now focused on matters near and dear to me here in Atlanta. It usually takes me a while to mentally return after a trip. Does that happen to you? While I'm gone I'm in a surreal environment where time and activities progress in slightly different ways than they do here at home. I usually have a delay in getting back to real life after a vacation. That delay sometimes stresses me out, but I have mostly made peace with the fact that this just happens and over time things will return to normal.

ATLOSCon 2011--planning and behind-the-scenes work is seriously underway! Imagine Kelly and Aaron and me and many others scurrying like busy squirrels around here, making everything Just So. Expect some updates to the website very soon and registration, too.

Ryan mowed the backyard yesterday afternoon! O Frabjous Day! He was so excited, and I am, too. We were concerned he wouldn't be able to manage our mower, but that dude is strong. And motivated. He is planning a lawn-mowing/landscaping business once he is more experienced and self-sufficient. Also, yard work is something that I'm generally willing to pay for (because my allergies, though much improved, still prevent my meaningful participation in such activities), so we are hiring him to do the job.

I got some new knitting books and I am spending a ridiculous amount of time looking through them and planning future projects. My favorites are Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, and The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. Yes, you read that correctly--monsters. OMG they are the cutest monsters ever! I also got a book about technique that will be very helpful, I think: The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting. I'm planning to make many practice swatches and learn more complicated maneuvers. In other words, expect great things from me. Someday.

It's spring, hooray! And that means Birthday Season here at the Casey Castle. Morgan's in March; Ryan is in April, Brendan turns 40 (!) in May, and Sean is in June. Four months, four birthdays (I'm just extra-special, all alone in November, officially kicking off the holiday season, don't you know?). There are cakes and activities already planned. Super fun, and also, super lots of work. Also also--I cannot freaking BELIEVE that Morgan will be 6 next week. That seems so impossible and unfair. And we have no good ideas for what to get her (any thoughts?).

OMG, I have a garden! I know--ME! It's very small, but so far, pretty successful. Kelly gets all of the credit because she just bosses me about what I ought to do and I do it. Everyone who is scared of having a garden should have a friend like Kelly in their hardiness zone. We have lettuces and onions out the wazoo. I'm planting spinach soon.

Our homeschool co-op is having a Science Fair again this year and we are trying to decide about our projects. Ryan wants to do something tornado-ish. M is undecided. It should be fun.

I'm making progress in CrossFit, which is awesome. I can manage a dozen or so pull ups with the big band, an improvement from when I first started and could barely manage one pull up with multiple resistance bands. I even bought a pull up bar for home so I can practice some. Last week, I did a killer WOD that consisted of beginning and ending with a one mile run. My time sucked, but it is notable, I think, that I completed the whole thing and actually survived. Tonight, there's weightlifting and I can't wait! I'm hoping that I can still achieve a 120# back squat, and maybe even a three-figure front squat. We'll see.

Had a thyroid appointment last week and things have improved in that department. I'm getting labs drawn this morning so we'll see what the bloodwork says.

And in related news (related to both CrossFit and improved thyroid stuff and also, paleo), I'm down yet another size, woohoo! I knew I was but had to wear all of my too-big winter stuff to SnowCon. :/ Now I have a new spring wardrobe and I hope that by the end of the summer, at the very least, I'll be down another size.

I have my 5K in a couple of weeks and while I'm all proud and stuff that I'm participating, I feel the need to say this: I HATE RUNNING OMG I HATE IT. I just really do. Thanks, that felt good to get off my chest. We'll see how I feel after the 5K, but I suspect that such activities for me will be few and far between.

There's more, but that's the main stuff I've been working on. I'm so happy to be back home with my wonderful husband and family, and eager to chase after so many wonderful values and goals.

Feel the need to empty out your brain and lack a Pensieve as well? Then tell me in the comments! Go ahead, you know you wanna.

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maryallene said...

I get tired from traveling, also. Is it true that it takes more energy for an introvert to be around people having a wonderful time? Almost all I did for several days after we got back from SnowCon was go to work and sleep - not at the same time, though I have been known to nap for an hour at work :)

We still have morning frost in the Seattle area, but I'm starting my first vegetable garden soon!!

I hate running. I used to do it a lot, but at my age, it's not even good for me.

Btw, I thought your sweaters looked a big loose at SnowCon :)