Friday, April 15, 2011


So I surpassed 125,000 hits on my blog the other day, whee! I had planned to do some sort of retrospective of my favorite blog posts for this occasion, but, to be perfectly and completely and fully honest--that sounds like rather a lot of work.

Also, I checked my SiteMeter this morning and noticed that I got a hit from the search phrase "jenn casey" sex. TOP OF THE GOOGLE PAGE, BABY! YEAH!

So then I decided that it's more fun to see which other fun search phrases have brought readers to my blog, if only for a moment. Also, it's a lot less work, and quite frankly, that's appealing right now.

In no particular order, some of my favorite search phrases of the last few months:

The Good 

  • peanut allergy facts
  • american community survey if you do not respond can you be penilized (That's a rather amusing misspelling, though only if you're as immature as I am.)
  • dish network downgrade charge (Proud to do my part!)
  • greek chicken recipe (SO YUM)
  • grocery store math
  • american community survey refusal (Again, proud to do my part.)
  • ayn rand on children (Though the use of the preposition on brings a strange visual to mind.)
  • "positive discipline" objectivism (YAY)
  • i hate quickbooks (AGAIN, EXTRA PROUD TO DO MY PART!!!)
  • peopleguy blog (Coining a term WIN!)
  • discipline without punishment approach
  • pukinson's disease (Another coining a term WIN!)
  • homeschooling with objectivism
  • the resurgence of ayn rand (DOUBLE YAY)
  • why is blues clues so good
  • "turns 40" knitting (Indeed, I did both of those not too long ago.)
  • jenn perfectionist blogger (Proof I'm broadening my readership base--I'm not just the "crazy peanut allergy mom Objectivist blogger" anymore!)

The Strange (There is, admittedly, much overlap between this category and the next.)

  • disciplining a 4 year old for not wanting to spell a word (Sorry, can't help you there--my 4 year olds ALWAYS want to spell words.)
  • ayn rand's children 
  • where are the carnies (A question for the ages...)
  • spader james young
  • sneezed (Seriously? There aren't like a zillion other websites with this word ahead of mine?)
  • try to make parents feel guilty (With practice, it's no effort at all.)
  • paul&diana muoth/woods (Who? With what?)
  • punishment for child for going somewhere without permission (I'd give a snarky suggestion, but I fear that someone might take me seriously.)
  • james spader with glasses (When did I ever write about James Spader? I have no memory of this.)
  • freihoffers bakery tour (What the what?)
  • explaine art of war until todays use (Well, once upone a time, there was this guy named Sun Tzu who lived in ye olde countrye of China....)
  • withholding bedtime story as punishment (You misbehaved. No Literacy for You! You come back one year!)
  • subconcious and peanut allergies
  • feel guilty my son (This sounds like a half-hearted send-off to me: 'Feel guilty, my son. Go forth, and be a disappointment to your father and me.')
  • rational and guilty (When faced with multiple counts of rationality, I always plead guilty as charged!)
  • 40 degrees no coat (My non-medical non-scientific opinion is: You will probably survive this.)
  • is it good to feel guilt (Well, I don't particularly enjoy it and take pains to avoid doing things that would induce guilt, but hey, maybe that's just me.)
  • methods of discipline for adults without physical punishment (You mean you've been using physical punishment and are now looking for alternatives?)
  • let's play with jenn (Do I know you?)
  • families who really sacrifice in order to home-school (Sorry you landed on the wrong blog!)
  • how much did steve burns get paid per episode of blues clues (Sadly for this reader, Steve and I never got to the point in our relationship where we told each other what we made at our jobs.)
  • couple blueprints (Sounds like porn for naughty architects.)
  • "don't want a diaper change" (Um, why are you searching that?)
  • high sensitive person chess (Wha?)
  • how to punish a kid without punishing the whole family (Aye, there's the rub...)

The Funny

  • i look like celebrity (Bitch, please, I AM Celebrity.)
  • "atlos con" (We did contemplate making an image of Atlas wearing prison garb for a logo for the conference but decided it would only be funny to people with our exact strange sense of humor.)
  • empty out your brain (Zombies looking for blogs to read?)
  • stop squatting with personality type survey (I just don't even know what to do with that one.)
  • okay, that's it. you go to your room. (This exact phrase was searched multiple times over several weeks.)
  • design snowcon car (Never did get around to designing that snowcon, huh?)
  • jenn heh (This just makes me laugh, and I'm not exactly sure why.)
  • i am not a psycho ... i am one of a kind (Actually very true of me, and hopefully the person who searched this phrase.)
  • overbearing authority (You rang?)
  • gay & guy
  • cool gay (Yeah, I'd be a cool gay. yup, that's me!)
  • gay guy (Sheesh! You take one internet quiz because you are intensely curious to find out what kind of gay guy you are and it follows you forever!)
  • depline witout punshment (Ys, I suport that conept.)
  • why do people become sensitive when in love? (I appreciate that you want my opinion on all things, but even this is beyond the scope of my capabilities.)
  • say not to quick books (Dear QuickBooks: NOT!)
  • rational over recipies (I get lots of hits with "rational" and something else. Are there irrational recipes, I wonder?)
  • what is the rational burping the baby (See what I mean?)
  • rational enn (I actually feel a little bad about stealing traffic from Rational Enn.)
  • how to punish your child without them really knowing (I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure that if you do it right, they'll noticed they're being punished.)

So there you have it--the best search phrases from the last 4,000 hits or so. I hope my comments are taken as All in Good Fun, which is, generally, what I try to be--a person All in Good Fun. Though I  have an admittedly odd sense of humor sometimes, so if there's something up there you don't get or don't like, feel free to just chalk it up to "Jenn, like Willow, is sometimes callous and strange." and move right along.

I'd also like to acknowledge the many, many people (over 300!) who subscribe to my blog and probably read via Google Reader or similar. Even though I don't get your hits all the time, I know you're out there and I appreciate it!

Okay, so that was FUN. I hope you enjoyed it too. Thanks for reading my blog, however you made it over here!


Butch Howard said...

Put this in a google search to see the spader posts:

james spader

SamDIBO said...

New follower here.... I literally LOL'ed over this post!

Jenn Casey said...

Thanks for your comments, and welcome! Glad you though my post was funny, SamDIBO. I had a great time writing it. :D

C. August said...

Speaking of odd search traffic, I wrote a post in the spring of 2009 that is one of the most popular on my blog. It's about... worm poop.

Turns out if you search Google images for a photo of worm poop, guess which photo is #1? Yup, mine.