Monday, April 18, 2011


Ryan is 9 years old today!

It's amazing to think that we're about halfway done with him...that we are about equidistant between the first time I held him and the day when he will leave us to go off and conquer the world. Part of me is excited; part of me is wistful; mostly I can't believe where the time went.

A. A. Milne didn't write a poem for me to borrow for this occasion, so I'll just put up some pics of him and walk down memory lane.

Holding him for the first time, in NICU, 15 hours after he was born. Fun Trivia about Ryan's birth: He was born on the 10th anniversary of Brendan's and my first kiss, almost to the HOUR. Cool, huh?

Already talking.

Chubby, chubby arms!

Still with the Michelin Man arms. LOVE.

We have tons of pictures of him doing just this.

We also have tons of pictures of him being a Peopleguy.

See what I mean?

I just love this picture--it captures his essence somehow.

One of these years I should put together a compilation of all of his awesome costumes! That's a stainless steel mixing bowl inside a hat my grandmother knitted for him.

Another essence-capturing photo.

The only caption I can think of to put here is something like "This is the face of your future (hopefully) benevolent dictator!" Remember, as long as you respect the rights of others, he probably won't have to boss you too much.

Ryan is so many things: talkative, imaginative, whip-smart, funny, argumentative, bossy, confident, talkative, thoughtful, sensitive, creative, and talkative. He is my most challenging kid (possibly due to the fact that he and are just alike--see previous description) and as my oldest, I'm making my most spectacular parenting mistakes on him, probably.

On the day he was born, I became a parent. I have learned much about myself--my character and my inner strength and ability to cultivate patience and kindness--since that time. I can honestly say that being a parent has transformed me for the better (and each subsequent child has presented his/her own unique challenges that have improved me even more!).

Also, of course, the last nine years have been all about discovering who this child, this future man, is, and I can't wait to discover who he will become. He constantly amazes me and challenges me and I am so happy to be his mom. (I know Brendan feels the same way.)

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Yes, I wrote this post ahead of time and scheduled it to go up at the exact time of his birth. :D


Hanah said...

Happy birthday, Ryan!

Ansley said...

What a sweet post - Happy Birthday, Ryan!

You are an amazing mom.

Rory said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have no intention to have kids. I just don't get on with them.

But damn it. The Casey-kids melt my gorram heart!

Earl3d said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Thanks for sharing it with all of us, Jenn :D

Henry Cate said...

It is amazing to watch our children grow up. My oldest is 16 and it has hit me this last couple weeks that soon she will be heading out the door.

deals hyderabad said...

Looking so sweet... God bless you. :)