Monday, April 04, 2011


I don't know how I do this to myself. I looked at our schedule for the next three months and it's VERY FULL.

There's all the regular stuff--classes at homeschool co-op and homeschool soccer and CrossFit and ATLOS stuff. That keeps us pretty busy. But in addition to that stuff, we've got:

  • Ryan's birthday this month, complete with Laser Tag birthday party (he's having the Darth Vader cake for the third time--a relief because DV is easier to make than the fox birthday cake Ryan requested last year)
  • Brendan's 40th birthday next month, complete with a Big Surprise (he knows we're doing something but he doesn't know what it is--it's SO awesome!)
  • Brendan's family coming to town for his birthday
  • My brother's wedding in June (inconveniently located in Wisconsin, but that gives us a perfect excuse to hang out with Brendan's family and extended family for a couple of days to celebrate Sean's 3rd birthday)
  • I have to buy clothing for all of this wedding business, too. Morgan and Ryan are the Flower Distribution Specialist and the Ring Security Consultant (their official titles, check the website!) and their clothing is mostly ordered and settled. But I will need something new to wear (yay!) and so will Mr. Sean. 
  • Science Fair at homeschool co-op--it will be fun, and also, work for me.
  • ATLOSCon! I've got to prepare for the speaking things I'm doing and am working on other less interesting (but necessary) aspects of the conference.
  • We have to put Ryan's and Morgan's rooms (in stasis since the loft for Ryan's room arrived) back in some kind of order as we'll have houseguests both for Brendan's birthday and ATLOSCon.
  • The Atlas Shrugged movie! The Movie Distribution Peopleguys decided to release it in Georgia, hooray! (more on that later)
  • Easter, which we celebrate mostly only for the chance to watch all the kids hunt for Easter Eggs in the back yard (major cuteness factor)
  • A secular Seder meal with friends (I've never been to a Seder and I'm very excited!)
  • Brendan's playing (and singing I think?) a song for the 500 Songs for Kids concert in May.
  • A 21st birthday for Miranda and another birthday party for another friend in April :)
  • And then at the beginning of July, I'm going to OCON for the first session!

Those are the things that we are for sure doing. Here are things I'd like to squeeze in if we have the time:

  • The Messy Party (we'll have it, but it may be in July this year instead of April/May)
  • Another 5K in May (the one I did this past weekend was actually lots of fun--maybe I don't hate running as much as I thought I did?)

I'm sure I'm leaving several Important Things out. Oh. Right. I might not have mentioned this before, but we are contemplating a move. So in addition to ALL OF THOSE OTHER THINGS we are scoping out possible houses (we're looking for something with huge tracts of a little more land) and beginning the OMG-we-really-are-moving decluttering process.

I really do love being busy (better than being boring!), but I think I'll be turning down other opportunities that come up in the next few months and am looking forward to a break. The kid activities will be winding down in May, so that will surely free up some time (and allow me to replenish our babysitting budget!).

And yay for me for recognizing that things are at a tipping point before I've booked too many more things and am feeling actual stress and panic! Look at me, I'm growing as a person here. :)

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