Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Post about Today

Today was kind of an off day, an unscheduled day off, as Morgan was sick (and I wasn't doing so great myself). Despite our plans going awry, it was a good one. Some highlights:

  • Morgan has learned how to use the resistance bands and my pull up bar to spin like a crazy person.
  • Sean sings: "Hicker-ricky-dicky-dock, mouse went up da clock, da clock tick ten den hicker-ricky-dicky-dock." (Yes, the Ls are still missing.)
  • Ryan loves our cranky old cat and is so incredibly sweet to her. Today he gave her catnip mice and filmed her reaction.
  • I spent some time looking for dress ideas for my brother's wedding and for something to read (he asked me to read something!).
  • I'm really feeling all of those knees-to-elbows I did at CrossFit last night. In a good way, though. 
  • Actually, I'm also feeling the power cleans and wall balls, too, now that I think about it.
  • We discovered Design Squad, a site for kids about engineering.
  • I watched a video of Mojo Jojo and all of his curses (thanks, Diana!)
  • I had the song Brendan and his friend are playing in the 500 Songs for Kids concert stuck in my head all day ("Hey Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic).
  • I had a moment of panic upon realizing that ATLOSCon starts in exactly ONE MONTH!
  • I made chicken salad today--super easy because I cheated by buying a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Add curry powder, mayo (olive oil-based), and red grapes. You're welcome.
  • Ryan and I spent some time creating a Staging Area and filling it up with things we plan to sell at Saturday's garage sale (lots of baby stuff, toys and games...come on by!).

Not too bad for a sick day. I even managed to do the laundry AND the dishes! I know! Maybe I really am coming down with something. :)

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