Monday, April 11, 2011

Productive Weekend

We got so much accomplished or settled this weekend! I love it.

Ryan and Morgan figured out what their projects will be for the Science Fair on Thursday. 

Ryan's question is: Which material makes a more durable paper boat (paper, parchment paper, wax paper, or aluminum foil)? Hypothesis: Wax paper. We'll test it today.

Morgan's question is: Which solvent removes marker stains best (water, vinegar, alcohol)? Hypothesis: Water. We'll test hers today, too. And I must say that I find her project particularly suited to, well, her entire history of markering everything in the house within an inch of its life, including herself.

Progress on decluttering and laundry.

Believe it or not, I conquered the Balrog laundry monster the previous weekend, and now I'm in the process of sorting through the kids' clothing for things to keep (for a younger brother or just for next winter), things to give away (to a friend who is having a baby boy this summer), and things to toss (nearly every pair of pants owned by Ryan has gaping holes at the knees). This is a huge pain, and I'm only motivated by the fact that I'm getting clothing OUT of the house, thereby reducing my total laundry responsibilities.

Ryan and I also worked on his room and the hallway and Sean's room, which are STILL in stasis from the loft bed project of, uh, a couple of months ago. We have impending out-of-town guests for Brendan's birthday and for ATLOSCon, so in this project, I'm motivated by fear and the possibility of humiliation. :)


Thanks to the wonders of Groupon, I have brats marinating now and we had the yummiest rib-eyes we've had in a good while for dinner last night (and some left over for Morgan and me for lunch today!). Hooray for Groupon, for great coupons to our favorite butcher!

Power Puff Girls

Brendan's and my favorite cartoon of all time might be The Power Puff Girls. We used to watch it when it was first on Cartoon Network, and arranged our schedule so that we could be here to watch each new episode when it was released (Friday nights, I think it was). We have the first season on DVD, and previous attempts to share this particular Awesome with our kids had fallen completely flat.

Morgan chose the disk almost at random on Friday night (partly to piss Ryan off, I think) and she was hooked! Ryan was, too, because he watched Morgan's episodes from his secret hiding place on the stairs and when it was his turn to choose the movie, declared: "Well, I'm really surprised at myself, but I just LOVE this show! The minute I heard that they were fighting the "forces of evil" I knew I had to watch."

We watched the disks we own a zillion times this weekend (and need to figure out how to get the other seasons, particularly the one with "Meet the Beat-Alls"). The children are walking around saying "Cuuuurssseeesssss" ala Mojo JoJo. As Miranda would say, Awesome Sauce.


Everyone on Twitter and FB has heard this already, but I'm so tickled I just have to say it again. I must be making progress here. On Saturday morning, Chris (the owner/trainer peopleguy) told me to train up one of the new people. Not actually train her on tricksy stuff, mind you, but just walk her through the warm-up and show her how to get her feet out of the rowing machine gracefully, etc.

Part of the warm-up included three rounds of 10 push ups, and after the first round I did with the new girl, I wanted to see if I could manage the rest of the push ups in a Manly Fashion (I'd done my first round with knees down because I was talking to the newbie girl). And so I cranked out 10 man push-ups, all in a row! I looked up to find Chris standing over me, with a huge smile. At first I figured he was coming over to give me a pointer on my form or something and then he high-fived me! He said he had to do a double-take when he saw me doing man-push ups and ran all the way across the gym to congratulate me. So of course I had to do 10 more.

I've only been able to do any man-push ups at all since about January, and I've never done that many in a row. Look at me! I'm growing as a person here.


On Saturday afternoon, I took Sean to a convenience store and bought a package of Peanut Butter M&Ms. We went to the parking lot of the pediatric urgent care center (just in case!) and, armed with Epis (again, just in case!), I gave him some. Actually, the first thing I did was smear a bit of the PB on his arm, which he did NOT like. He didn't want "yellow lotion" on his arm! I waited about 20 minutes and his skin showed no reaction, so I let him eat 5 PB M&Ms.

I tried some myself, and they were kinda icky. I should have used Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes, Sean seemed fine and I started to load him up in the car. Just as I was buckling his seat belt, he sneezed four times in a row, and I felt that icy feeling in my veins. We stayed put another 10 or 15 minutes while I watched him closely, finally concluding he had sneezed just to make me insane.

Anyway--he tolerated it just fine! We will do this again (with Reese's!) in a week or two just to be sure (it's possible, though not probable, that this was Sean's first exposure to peanut, and you don't react on the first exposure). But it looks very likely that Sean is NOT ALLERGIC! What a load off my mind!

What did you do this weekend? I hope you stayed away from Peanut Butter M&Ms at least.


Stella Zawistowski said...

M&Ms -- of any variety -- are one type of junk food that has never managed to appeal to me. There's something so fake-tasting about the chocolate!

Yay for man push-ups! That's awesome. I only go to CF two days a week, so I haven't done that many push-ups in class, but I should practice them at home. I'm really, really impatient for the day when I can do an unassisted pull-up or do man push-ups in a WOD, but I'm not really doing that much to hurry the process along. That needs to be fixed!

Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

You have an amazing ability to take something with the potential to be so serious and make it so funny. ;-) I mean, I totally get you taking all the precautions and I'd have done the same thing, but you put a very funny spin on the whole "checking the peanut allergy" thing. I'm glad everything turned out so well!

Yay on the man push-ups! Doesn't it feel so good when you start seeing physical proof that you really are whipping your body back into shape? Great job!

Hanah said...

Water temperature may alter the effectiveness of wax paper...

Tomas Torp said...

Here's the complete set of Powerpuff Girls cartoons:

But Dexter's Lab is better!

Jenn Casey said...

Thank you for your comments! Stella, I saw you did some man-push ups recently, too--ROCK.

Kris, thanks for the encouragement--I'm feeling awesome. And so relieved about the peanut thing!

Hanah, the wax paper lasted waaaaaaay hours. But we didn't test temp as a variable...this time.

Tomas, we've recently introduced them to Dexter's Lab, too! They just LOVE it. Though my daughter thought she was watching DEXTER there for a while, until we explained the difference between the two shows. :D