Monday, May 09, 2011

Five Star Challenge: Round Five!

Okay, so for the last round of the Give Yourself a Five Star Rating (originally found over at Mel's blog), I will talk about Five People I Love. I didn't get to this yesterday because I was enjoying a super-fantabulous Mother's Day!

Before I do that, check out the other people who are participating in the challenge, too. :D

1. Brendan

From the moment I met him (20 years ago, ack!), when he still had braces (I know!) and wore that black cowboy hat all the time, I liked this guy. Plus he was the singer and bass player in a band and that was just HOT.

He is creative and funny and kind and supportive and he gets me. We not only have the same tastes in music (Beatles!) and tv (Arrested Development!) and movies (A Fish Called Wanda!), we can be economics geeks together and talk about Objectivism and parenting and other Big Ideas.

He has seen me at my worst and at my best and has loved me through it all. Somehow I got him to come around on this whole kid idea and to no one's surprise, he turned out to be the World's Best Dad. Really, except for his whole "Let Me Just Kill Off My Own Pancreas" experiment about ten years ago and the fact that he is an extreme Type B (or P if you're into MBTI) which makes me crazy sometimes, he is just about perfect. Actually, he is perfect for me. :D I love you, sweetie!

2. My kids

I probably should have broken them out separately, but it would leave less room for other people I truly love. Maybe that's not in the spirit of the thing, but oh well.

Ryan, age 9: too smart for my own good, determined, defiant, hates housecleaning, bossy, argumentative, funny, creative, business-minded, dramatic, quick, fascinated with the sound of his own voice and the thoughts in his own head. He is almost a carbon-copy of me (he's the one who most looks like me I think, but I mean mainly in personality). He is sometimes hard to get along with (a phrase that's been applied to me countless times in my life for sure) but he is imaginative and fun and I absolutely cannot wait to see the way(s) in which he will conquer the world.

Morgan, age 6: too smart for my own good, independent, somewhat solitary, sweet, kind, wiggly, harmonious, absent-minded professor-y, quick to catch on, excellent memory (for things she is focused on), hyper-focused (for things she is focused on), dog-lover, nudist, can never find shoes or underwear. She is a carbon-copy of Brendan right down to the looks even. She is the daughter I was scared to have (because I didn't know how and still don't know how to do hair--but as it turned out she hates Hair Stuff as much as I do, woohoo!). She is a lot like I was as a child--studious and musical and far, far ahead academically--but unlike me lacks a certain, ah, um . . . practical reality-based orientation sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean often). I absolutely cannot wait to see the things that she does in the world.

Sean, age 2 and 11/12ths: too smart for my own good, cheery, independent, snuggly, mama's boy, a brute force, solid, impish, sneaky, in a hurry to grow up but still wants to be referred to as "yittle," Incredible-Hulk-ish. He is the child we weren't sure we were going to have, but I'm so glad we did! He's a blend--a blend of me and Brendan in looks and personality (with a generous dash of Kelly thrown in for good measure!). He is generally happy, and when he's not, he's really REALLY NOT. But unlike the previous models, his bad moods and sadnesses disappear quickly and he is right back to his sunshiny self. I absolutely cannot wait to find out what he'll do in the world.

My kids--I have enjoyed (well, you know what I mean) getting to know each of them so far and enjoy them all for who they are right now. The process of watching and helping young humans discover themselves and figure out their way in the world is fascinating, difficult, heartbreaking, hysterically funny, and FUN. I have the best job in the whole world.

3. Kelly

I first met Kelly when Ryan was 1 and she was pregnant with Livy, so about 8 years ago. Wow! I'd never met another Objectivist with children before...I mean, I knew they existed and all, but had never imagined for a second that there would be another Objectivist right here practically in my own town who was having a baby!

We liked each other right away, and generally always did, but it took many years for our friendship to really solidify and take off, for a variety of reasons that make for a Really Long Story.

Today she is best friend, co-parent to my children (we joke that Sean is Kelly's and my kid because he's a lot like her in personality), confidant, supporter, encourager, business partner, philosophical premise double-checker, and the bringer of FUN. And she gets me!

4. My best friend from college

Thoughtful and challenging, C. has been my friend for longer than Brendan even. He and I became very close friends in my last couple of years at college. I've always felt a strong connection between us, and though we have gone through times when we didn't talk at all, or much, we have a way of instantly reconnecting when we do see each other. We just pick up the conversation as if no time at all had gone by.

Strong connection I've always felt, but never a romantic connection. There was one weekend when I, on the advice of friends who pointed out that he is in fact pretty good-looking, tried really really hard to like him. (This was before Brendan.) I really tried but somehow our connection was just never romantic (the feelings were/are mutual, I'm sure). I suspect it's due in part to the fact that we're both headstrong Type A people and we'd have probably had to kill each other. :)

We were in each other's weddings and know each other's kids and have (until this summer, sadly) vacationed together regularly. He has a crazy funny weird awesome sense of humor. :) He also gets me, and I'm so glad for the internets which make it possible for us to stay in touch and connected on a semi-regular basis.

5. My grandmother

My grandmother kicks ass! She is 90 and in good health, both physically and mentally. Her knitting is amazing. She is independent and active and coming to my brother's wedding next month. I hate that we haven't gotten to know each other very well since I grew up...we live on opposite sides of the country and seeing each other has been difficult. Thankfully, she has email and I am able to stay in touch with her semi-regularly and send her pictures of her only (so far!) great-grandkids.

She is funny and smart and opinionated and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

And that's the end of this Give Yourself a 5 Star Rating Challenge! Thanks for reading along.

As I mentioned in the first post, this exercise came along at an opportune time for me. I was getting caught up in how Things Weren't Perfect and Things Weren't Going Fast Enough and therefore that meant Things Suck! I wasn't in a super deep funk over it, but I was heading that way.

It's a good thing to sit back and appreciate yourself and your life a bit. I've definitely found my mojo and am no longer feeling like cranky Mojo Jojo!

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