Saturday, May 07, 2011

Five Star Challenge: Round Four!

Today it's Five Things that Make You Happy You're Alive!

What to choose....what to choose? Tomorrow's list will be all about the people in my life, so I'll restrict this list to things.

1. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

How's that for specific? It's so yummy, and so affordable. Try it. Today.

2. Chocolate

How's that for general? :P Yes, I am paleo for the most part, but life wouldn't be any fun without wine and chocolate. Hooray for wine and chocolate peopleguys!

3. Music

The Beatles. The White Stripes. The Police. Elvis Costello. Adele. Lenny Kravitz. Peter Gabriel. R.E.M. (old stuff). U2. Jack Johnson. Bob Marley. The Clash. Queen. Eric Clapton. David Bowie. The Smiths. Depeche Mode. Psychedelic Furs. Johann Sebastian Bach. Scott Joplin. George Gershwin. Rodgers & Hammerstein. Lerner & Lowe.

Just to name a few.

4. Exercise Endorphins

Until I started working out for real (you know, instead of doing it in a half-assed way or avoiding it altogether), I figured everyone was just making it up. You know, the "runner's high." They totally weren't! I love that floaty buzzy feeling. In fact, I'll be running in a 5K this morning so I'll be extra-floaty all weekend....wheeeeee!

5. Books and Poetry (and sometimes the movies they inspire)

Here's a partial list: E.M. Forster. Jane Austen. Shakespeare. Donne. Yeats. Harper Lee. Wordsworth. Twain. Melville. Rand. J.K. Rowling. Tolkien. C.S. Lewis. L.M. Montgomery. Elizabeth Peters. Coleridge. Longfellow.

I'm sure I'm leaving someone critical out, but you get the picture. As business-y and practical as I turned out to be, deep down in my soul I'm still a Lit Major.

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