Thursday, May 05, 2011

Five Star Challenge: Round Two!

Okay, so I think I really will try to keep up and post for five days in a row here. Yesterday, you got to hear about the things I love about myself. Today, you will find out Things My Body Can Do. :D

I know Kelly already wrote her post, but I didn't read it yet. I wonder if we'll have some similar things on the list. I don't see Mel's post but when she puts it up, I'll link it. Who else is participating?

1. I'm bendy.

I am, and pretty much always have been, pretty darn flexible. General flexibility was one of the few things I was good at early on in CrossFit (whereas I'm still struggling for consistent double-unders). I can squat all the way down and stay there while flat on my heels. I have a decent (though not all-the-way) side split. Even at my heaviest, I could always touch my toes.

I don't know if it's all of those years of gymnastics, or some kind of natural bendiness, or maybe the relaxin still floating around in my system (or a combo?), but I'm bendy. Actually, it might be another Super Power. And yes, go where you want to with that information. :)

2. I have freaky monkey-toes.

I never really thought this was special until Kelly convinced me that I'm a freak, but I have tons of dexterity in my toes. More than the usual, I guess. I can grab things off the floor with them. I can cross my pinky over the toe next to it without using my hands. I can put on my Vibrams Five Fingers by just splaying out my toes and sticking them into the shoes.

Can't everyone do that? I thought. Apparently not.

3. I grew and nourished three babies.

Sure, this is something many women can do and have done. But it's still an awesome, awesome thing to have done! I was never one of those women who truly enjoyed being pregnant like some do. I viewed the whole thing as a personal biology/medical experiment. But each time, it was an interesting experience.

The youngest one is still nursing (yes, he's nearing three). Even though I am not fully supporting his growth and health the way I did when he was very very small, he is still getting some of the good stuff.

Bonus thing I'm really BAD at: birthing them. Hooray for safe c-sections!

4. I can lift heavy stuff.

I am stronger today than I ever imagined I could possibly be. I deadlifted 175 pounds last Saturday, for pete's sake! That is something I had never even considered a year ago. The last back squat I did was 125 pounds. A 35 pound kettlebell is nothing to me, nothing!

The cool thing is that I am learning that I will only get STRONGER. And more Bad-Ass. Because one day I WILL get an unassisted pull up (like Lynne, woohoo!). After that, can you even imagine what wonders await me?

5. I'm handy.

No, not in the handy-around-the-house sense. In the I-can-do-stuff-with-my-hands sense.

I have never been particularly artsy or crafty, but I can play three instruments fairly well (piano, flute, and fyfe). In fact, I have a ten-key reach on the piano. Maybe that freaky monkey-toe dexterity is also freaky money-finger dexterity? Hmmm...

Never had any trouble with projects requiring fine-motor skills in my hands (unless it also required, you know, some kind of visual artistic ability, too). I'm finding this to be true as I am learning knitting, too. There's not really any artistic creativity in knitting (thank goodness!), but it does require a fair amount of manual dexterity and even though I'm still new, I am picking it up quickly and really enjoy working with my hands.

So there you have it! What's on your list?


Kelly Elmore said...

The not being able to birth babies is clearly Ryan's fault. It wasn't you who went into distress and aspirated meconium. Blame him.

Anonymous said...

I just started participating today.