Wednesday, May 18, 2011

See You in a Bit

I'll be taking a brief break from blogging. Brendan's grandfather passed away on Monday and we are heading up to Chicago for all of the family stuff. If you haven't heard any Papa stories, ask me . . . I've got a few. He was quite a personality, that's for sure.

So: big unscheduled road trip = Crazy Jenn. We leave this afternoon and I think I've managed to come out the other side of this whirlwind of preparations with a net positive. I think we've got the basics covered anyway--we've got all three kids present and accounted for, insulin, Epi-pens, computers, phones, and a couple of diapers. Everything else is non-essential, and I include clothing and food in that, as those are things we could acquire easily during the trip.

We'll return on Saturday (I hope) so that Brendan's Big Birthday Surprise can come off as scheduled. And after that, more whirlwind preparations for ATLOSCon! Which STARTS NEXT WEEK. Wow! Not too late to sign up, by the way.

So I'll see you in a bit. Bye for now!


Hanah said...

I'm so sorry for your and Brendan's loss. And I can't imagine how busy this is going to make you. Best of luck getting through everything.

Jenn Casey said...

Thanks, Hanah. It sucks, doubly so because this was supposed to be a super fun week for Brendan. :( When I talked to my MIL yesterday she pointed out that each one of the grandparents managed to die the day before a grandchild's birthday. Sucks that it was his this time.

KPOM said...

Sorry to hear that, as well as the loss of your friend too, Jenn.

Death is always a difficult subject to talk about, but I think children handle it better than parents often think they will (or even better than how the parents themselves deal with it). When I was Ryan's age, I saw wakes more as family gatherings than anything else.

That said, I was really young when one of my grandparents died, and well into my 20s when the other three did, so I can't really relate exactly to Ryan and Morgan, but from what I recall, my parents (though nominally Catholic) didn't dwell on all the spiritual matters, but treated death as what it is (an inevitable part of life). I think there was even discussion about the best way to die (in your sleep after a full life). Hope all goes well.