Tuesday, May 31, 2011


ATLOSCon was amazing fun. And I want to write all about it so that I don't forget anything!

But even though I paced myself very well and didn't really get burned out until after the conference was actually over (yesterday evening), I'm not quite ready to write about it. I am feeling a powerful need to spend some time with my kids and just rest and ponder a bit.

Also, I'm WAY behind on my knitting and I have a super-secret surprise for my grandmother, who I'll be seeing in just a couple of weeks!

If you'd like to see some pictures, check out our FB page and the many photos posted by those who were in attendance. And the #ATLOSCon Twitter feed has some good stuff on it, too!

I'll write more tonight or tomorrow. It was a wonderful time and I met so many awesome people in person for the first time! Totally great experience. Thanks to all who attended, our speakers, and all of the ATLOS peopleguys who made it happen!

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