Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Case You're Wondering About CrossFit

Our vacation has been going full speed ahead for a week now! It feels like FOREVER, but in a good way. Tomorrow we'll take the second leg of our trek back home and Hail Old Purdue.

While I was gone, I missed participating in CrossFit Kennesaw's bid for Atlanta fame! Chris and lots of the good people at CFK were interviewed for a local morning news show last Friday. Today, I finally got a look at the videos. So much awesome, I can't even describe it!

Here's the reporter talking to Chris and learning about some of the parts of the workout he'd get to do that morning (Fight Gone Bad, mwahahahaha!). It's a good look at some of the different things you get to do in CrossFit. Because I know you're wondering about it and thinking 'Hey that Jenn seems to be really into this. Is she crazy or merely awesome? I hope she'll tell me more!'

Well, it won't embed, so click here to go see the video (there's a short commercial before the news clip runs).

So yay for Chris and CrossFit Kennesaw! I'll be there next time, promise!

By the way, the answer to that question you've been thinking is: AWESOME. :D

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Stella Zawistowski said...

Um, yeah. Your coach is hot.