Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Seanie's Birthday!

We are having a wonderful vacation so far. The wedding was great fun. The party: even FUNNER. Morgan and I tore. it. UP at the party! :D

And the celebrations continue. My baby is three today! Here are a few Sean highlights:

Less than two hours old, Sean was lifting his head up and looking around. (I'm told I did something similar.) Note that we were already having trouble finding hats to fit his ginormous head.

Wearing the hat my grandmother knitted him. She knitted him a train sweater for his birthday this year! I'll put pics of that up at some point.

Always has been such a sweet baby

Baby Mandrake for first Halloween


Just a hint of curl

A few more curls

Angry, resigned Oompa Loompa

The classic Sean grin. He uses it to charm and confuse the opposition (me and Brendan). It's very effective.

Very self-satisfied at his birthday party last night. Looking proud!

Birthday Party Happiness #fb on Twitpic

UPDATE 6/21/11: Many of my picture links didn't work yesterday, so hopefully they're fixed now. But that's okay, I can add a bonus picture of the birthday boy on his actual birthday, on his way to ride the Ducks in the Wisconsin Dells. He LOVED riding the Duck, though it did put him to sleep. :D

About to take a ride on the Ducks! #fb on Twitpic

Happy Birthday to my sweet, bossy, funny, impish, smart, playful, fanfare-singing, curly-haired, charming little guy!


Andrew Miner said...

Most of the images are broken links for me. :-(

Jenn Casey said...

Thanks Andrew. I was just looking at it and noticed the same thing. I'll fix them later today.

Just Energy said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Sean! I hope your day is absolutely fantastic,nice pics,Would you just look at those EYES! So cute!