Friday, June 10, 2011

More Yummy Enjoy Life Products

Lucky us! The peopleguys at Enjoy Life Foods sent us some free samples of their new products to try in exchange for an honest blog post about what we thought about them!

Here's a preview of our final conclusion: Enjoy Life = YUM.

The first product we tried was the Double Chocolate Crunch Granola.

Now, between the peanut allergy and the paleo stuff around here (which means very few, if any, grains), none of my kids even knew what granola was.

And now they do know what granola is, which is slightly dangerous because this was a very yummy treat, as evidenced by the fact that it disappeared pretty quickly over the course of a couple of days. I even tried some, too (Hey, it's for Science! And Capitalism!) and it was very delicious, chocolatey and crunchy and sweet.

I just asked the kids for a statement about the granola. Morgan says "I love it!" and Ryan says "How could I forget it? It was delicious and I wish you'd buy some more RIGHT NOW!" 

The other product we were lucky enough to sample was the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks. I figured the only way we could properly test this was by making chocolate chip cookies.

The kids protested and whined: "Not chocolate chip cookies! But you only made them six months ago! It's too soon, way too soon!" 

Um. Not. In fact, as I recall, they threw a little parade in my honor.

I used my usual chocolate chip cookie recipe (a modified version of Nestle's Toll House recipe) for the test. Before the chocolate chips (I mean, chocolate MEGA CHUNKS because they really are very large) went into the batter, we all tasted a couple right out of the bag and pronounced them cookie-worthy.

Morgan just pronounced the chocolate mega chunks "the best" and Sean is currently sad because he just heard me say the word cookie and we don't have any more left. Ryan likes "everything" about them and has requested that I order some more RIGHT NOW.

I have to admit, they were pretty. darn. yummy (again, it's for Science! And Capitalism!). They tasted just like the chocolate chips we used to buy before the peanut allergy stuff. And did I mention they are BIG so that the chocolate-to-cookie ratio was very favorable?

We also tested them in raw cookie dough form (and our friend Kelly helped, too!). Everyone seems to agree that whether straight out of the bag, baked into cookies, or in raw cookie dough, these chocolate chips are pretty delicious!

So there you have it--nothing but our honest opinions about these two new products from Enjoy Life Foods. Next time you're in the mood to support Science and Capitalism, even if you don't have a food allergy, you should give these a try. :D

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Marketing Mama said...

I hadn't heard of these products yet, esp looking forward to trying the mega chunks! :) thanks!