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Objectivist Round Up #203

Welcome to the June 2, 2011 edition of the Objectivist Round Up.

I'm still coming down from the high of ATLOSCon, a mini-conference sponsored by our local Objectivist group (my account of it is included in this week's Round Up). So I've been thinking about happiness. Via the online Ayn Rand Lexicon:

The maintenance of life and the pursuit of happiness are not two separate issues. To hold one’s own life as one’s ultimate value, and one’s own happiness as one’s highest purpose are two aspects of the same achievement. Existentially, the activity of pursuing rational goals is the activity of maintaining one’s life; psychologically, its result, reward and concomitant is an emotional state of happiness. It is by experiencing happiness that one lives one’s life, in any hour, year or the whole of it. And when one experiences the kind of pure happiness that is an end in itself—the kind that makes one think: “This is worth living for”—what one is greeting and affirming in emotional terms is the metaphysical fact that life is an end in itself.
Ayn Rand, “The Objectivist Ethics,” The Virtue of Selfishness, p. 29

Gathering with other Objectivists for serious discussion and serious play at our conference (and SnowCon back in March) was one of the highlights of my year. And this feeling of happiness and contentment is my reward for participating. Here's hoping the other people who attended feel the same way!

And happily, I have TWO more Objectivist conferences ahead of me this year: OCON in Florida in July, and the mini-conference sponsored by the Chicago Objectivist Society in September. I am very much looking forward to both and I hope to see you there.

And now, here's this week's Round Up!

Benjamin Skipper presents The Good Political Themes of *One Piece* posted at Musing Aloud, saying, "I enjoyed the anime *One Piece* in my youth, but now as an adult I've noticed it has good, pro-freedom political elements in its philosophy. Other people might appreciate it for the same. Catch it on Hulu."

Andy Clarkson presents Sermon On The Mount Versus Reason, Rational Self-Interest, and Rights posted at The Charlotte Capitalist, saying, "I've created a Facebook group which examines Jesus Christ's Sermon On The Mount.

The purpose of this group is to examine the philosophical roots and historical impact of Jesus' Sermon On The Mount. What is the SOTM? What are the different versions? What philosophical premises -- metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical are at its core? What influence has the SOTM had on the world? Has that influence been good or bad?"

Jonathan Akin presents Giving and Gaining: Thoughts on Charity in Light of Japan’s Disaster posted at The Undercurrent Blog, saying, "What are the moral principles that should be applied when giving to charity?"

Rachel Miner presents Evolutionary Parenting posted at The Playful Spirit, saying, "I'm just really fascinated by the ideas this lady, who spent several years studying jungle families, presents and I'd be interested in any thoughts of others reading the Round Up (especially those who invest the time to watch the video where she establishes her context)."

Victoria Genther presents An Undercurrent Distribution Story posted at The Undercurrent Blog, saying, "Submit your own distribution story and win a $75 Amazon gift card!"

Ari Armstrong presents Why Spending More for Local Goods Harms the Economy posted at Free Colorado, saying, "Spending more for identical local-made goods destroys wealth."

Benjamin Skipper presents A British Accent, Eh? posted at Musing Aloud, saying, "My bad hearing gave rise to a speech impediment which has given me much grief throughout my life, and I mistakenly thought it could be covered up with a fake accent. I have since fixed the source of my difficulty, but to my surprise I still have the accent as a stuck habit. Should I alter it?"

Jason Stotts presents ATLOSCon Speech posted at Erosophia, saying, "For anyone wanting more information about my speech "Sexual Ethics and Objectivism" that I delivered at ATLOSCon, including references to the more important essays by Ayn Rand on the subject, or how to obtain a copy."

David C Lewis, RFA presents Retirement Calculators Have Their Limits posted at A Revolution In Financial Planning, saying, "This week, I discuss the limitations of relying on retirement calculators."

Scott Connery presents Islam Says: Murder Beauty Pageant Contestants posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, "More murderous hijinx from everyone's favorite "religion of peace""

Julia Campbell presents baby back ribs + cherry cabbage slaw posted at the crankin' kitchen!, saying, "Super summery dry-rubbed baby back ribs with a citrusy cherry cabbage slaw."

Rational Jenn presents The One About ATLOSCon 2011 posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "The Atlanta Objectivist Society (ATLOS) hosted its second mini-conference last weekend, and here's my summary. It was a great time!"

Martin Lindeskog presents EGO: BIRTHDAY GREETINGS ON MAY 25 posted at EGO, saying, "I celebrated my birthday by subscribing to the Harry Binswanger List and order a new logotype & banner for my personal tea site called"

Edward Cline presents Much Ado about Nothing: Fatal Fallacies about “Palestine” posted at The Rule of Reason, saying, "There were many pluses in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on May 24th, and some critical minuses. It was, however, refreshing to listen to a speech that was not inflated with platitudes and bromides."

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