Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Trippin'

We're about to leave for this summer's big vacation. We're not going to the beach like we usually do. Instead, we're heading to Wisconsin for multiple family celebrations!

We've got my brother's wedding hoopla, followed by a mini-vacation at my mother-in-law's home in the Wisconsin Dells where we'll celebrate Father's Day (with my dad, father-in-law, and Brendan), and Sean's third birthday.

Can you believe that Sean is already THREE??!!?!?! So unfair. But yes, next Monday, he'll turn three. Only he insists that he WON'T be turning three--he plans to remain two years old apparently, so maybe I will get my (temporary) wish that he will stay little forever.

Should be a fun wedding, too. It'll take place in a tiny little town not unlike Helen, Georgia. I'm told there will be much beer, as the bride's father is a brewery peopleguy. :D Ryan and Morgan are in the wedding, and I'm reading a poem in the ceremony, too.

My kick-ass grandma will be there, and I'm excited because I've almost finished knitting her a scarf (will post pics when it's done). Sure, she lives in Southern California and probably needs a scarf like she needs a hole in the head, but it's a symbolic scarf. She's knitted so many things for me, and for my kids and even for Brendan! I figure it's time to start repaying this knitting debt a bit. Besides, I think she'll be so tickled at the gesture.

We'll get to see tons of people we haven't seen in a long long time, too. We have a pretty awesomely fun family, and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone. And there's another wedding in the family at the end of the year, so I'll get to see most of them AGAIN. Rock.

Brendan's flying home Tuesday night since he has work to do. :( We'll miss him, and I'm more than a little nervous about driving home all the way from Wisconsin. But I have a plan! (As if there were any doubt about that!)

We'll be hanging out a couple more days with my in-laws at their fun house in the Dells, swimming and relaxing a bit. We might make a trek to Mineral Point, which is where some of my ancestors went when they left Cornwall in the 1840s. I've never been to Mineral Point and I'm DYING to see it. But seeing it might depend on how tired we're feeling.

Then we'll head to Chicago with them and spend a night there. Then we'll head to the bride and groom's house (they're not leaving for their honeymoon until July) in Lafayette. We'll be taking the kids for a tour around Purdue, something I'm not sure we've ever done with Sean. No, wait, he's been there once, when he was about 6 months old.

Pilgrimages to Purdue were something I experienced as a child (both my parents went there), and it's fun to make them again with my own kids. My sister-in-law works for the university, so maybe we'll get to see some things I've never seen before. And we'll wander through the usual sacred areas, visiting with memories. Lots of life-changing stuff happened for me there. Visiting the places where some of those things happened is always fun thing to do.

After that, we'll head to my sister and brother-in-law's house in Southern Indiana for a night, and then, home!

It'll be a long trip, and probably by the time we're through with it, we'll never want to take another. But I'm looking forward to it very much!

We don't leave until Wednesday evening, but I have SO much to do in the meantime to prepare. Which is, naturally, why I've been writing this blog post as a procrastination measure.

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