Monday, June 27, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

We made it home yesterday, safe and sound, though a little frazzled and stressed from too many long car rides through too many thunderstorms.

It was a fun vacation, though I'll be sad when August rolls around and we aren't going to the beach as we usually do.

What did we learn, see, do, think on vacation? Let me count the ways . . . (and in no particular order)

My kids are really cute all dressed up, even if they are sitting in a pipe on some rocks getting all dusty before the ceremony:

I think it was a good idea to tell Morgan not to be a dog during the wedding ceremony, but somehow I neglected to tell her to keep the front of her dress down. Something to note for next time.

The wedding was tons of fun. My family knows how to rock it. I hope some of the formal pictures turn out because we were all looking good and all five of us were color-coordinated (see above) and wearing fancy clothes.

My grandma really liked her surprise scarf! :D

New Glarus, Wisconsin is a cute little town and makes really really good beer. The wedding ceremony was on top of the hill at the brewery. Here's a gnome that's on the brewery premises:

Nose-picking gnome! What's not to love about this weddin... on Twitpic

Sean had a great time on his birthday! He loved his gifts (beware of colored bubbles) and is acknowledging that he is, indeed, three years old. Apparently he knew that he wouldn't turn three until June 20, and that's why he wouldn't even HEAR of it until that date had arrived. Now he's happy to show three fingers (and he's using the correct ASL sign for it, too).

We rode the Ducks on Sean's birthday. It was fun, though the ride accidentally made Sean have a birthday nap, which I don't think he was planning to take. :D Here's a picture of the Birthday Boy on a Duck, as we were getting ready to go, looking very old and mature and not at all like a baby (sniff):

About to take a ride on the Ducks! #fb on Twitpic

Also, always bring a jacket to Wisconsin, even in June.

On our way back to Chicago, we drove right by Taliesin and didn't go in. It's pretty from the road. It's also in the middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin. Who knew?

Just down the road from Taliesin is The House on the Rock, which we also didn't go in. Maybe when I have older kids.

There'a a lot of strange roadside art in Wisconsin. I remember a metal dinosaur particularly.

Mineral Point, Wisconsin was the first capitol of Wisconsin. My ancestors emigrated to Mineral Point from Cornwall in the 1840s. We visited Pendarvis, an area where they restored some of the homes of the Cornish immigrants, which was really interesting.

I don't recommend visiting Pendarvis in A.) the rain, or B.) with crabby children, or especially C.) with crabby children in the rain.

Morton Arboretum has a really cool children's area, completely with rope bridges. Sean fearlessly tackled all of them.

Lou Malnati's always tastes better in Chicago (though it's quite good when you have it shipped to your house in Georgia), but it's not a good idea to go to the restaurant with tired, crabby children.

Visiting Purdue was lots of fun, though I'd forgotten that there's always tons of construction in the summer. They also keep putting up new buildings where there weren't any before, which is confusing. We saw the Armory (Ryan was impressed) and the Engineering Mall and some of Ross-Ade Stadium (which is where my SIL works kinda). I learned there are 62,500 seats at Ross-Ade.

At the big fountain #Purdue on Twitpic
They had tons of fun sliding down the fountain.

With Neil Armstrong #Purdue on Twitpic
Poor Sean wanted to get down. He's not super impressed with Neil Armstrong, apparently.

And I got a couple of new shirts, including a new Harry's Chocolate Shop shirt! Yay.

The drive home was, well, long. Brendan flew back Tuesday Wednesday to work (he got to spend the night in the Madison airport, poor guy) and the rest of us just made our way south as we could. It was fun to hang out with relatives and see different things on our way home, but by yesterday, we were all pretty much OVER. IT. So of course the weather was crappy and the trip took much longer than it should have.

But we made it! Sean and I slept in REALLY late this morning, too. And now all I have to do is tons of laundry and running to the dry cleaners and going to the bank and getting groceries and cleaning up and putting all of the tons of presents the kids got away and opening mail and paying bills and . . . I might need another vacation soon.

Lucky me! I'm going to the first part of OCON and I leave on Saturday, so I will get another vacation! I'd better get started on that laundry though.

I'm happy to be back (for the time being at least) and getting back to a regular routine. Which will hopefully include blogging! It will definitely include eating better (I didn't do terribly, but I was definitely on Lax Paleo instead of Regular Paleo) and starting a new knitting project and going to CrossFit and hanging out with the fam.


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