Friday, July 01, 2011

6 Down, 6 To Go!

It occurred to me this morning that 2011 is halfway over! I started thinking about what I've managed to do so far this year, and, goal-oriented person that I am, that got me thinking about what I want to do for the rest of the year.

Here's what I've done so far:

  • Gone down a dress size at least
  • Improved my fitness by leaps and bounds (saying by standing broad jumps would probably be more accurate). For example, my dead lift at the beginning of the year was something like 95 pounds. About six weeks ago, it was 175. My front squat was something like 75 pounds. A few weeks ago it was 105. And I ran in two 5K races! Vacations notwithstanding, I'm going to CrossFit three times a week regularly and am contemplating moving up to four (or adding something regular outside of CF such as running or maybe rock climbing or something like that).
  • Spoke at and attended two different conferences!
  • Did lots of work for ATLOS and our small businesses
  • Gotten tons better at knitting! I'd say I can tackle pretty much any pattern listed as intermediate without too many problems now.
  • Lots of writing, here on the blog and elsewhere
  • Two long road trips with the fam
  • Have a better handle on a budget for our family and gotten some good practice (and good failures, yippee mistakes!) at sticking to it
  • Facilitated lots of fun learning things for our homeschool, such as science experiments, Patch Club, reading, talking, math, business, etc. The kids have accomplished a lot this year, but I can't take credit for the fact that Ryan is now reading chapter books all the time (the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series seemed to do it); or that he figured out how to solve what amounted to basically an algebra problem all on his own; or that Morgan continues apace with her knowledge absorption and has added excellent spelling to her repertorie somehow; or that Sean has recently begun sounding out three letter words and recently counted all the way up to 76 with only reminders about the names of the tens that came next (forty, fifty, etc). But I can take credit for doing what I've done, which has been reading aloud, explaining stuff, answering questions, teaching people how to Google stuff, and driving them to co-op and museums and the playground.
  • Facilitated the resolution of approximately 9 billion kid disagreements (a conservative estimate)

So what's next?

  • More of all of that kid facilitation stuff
  • More ATLOS work 
  • More CrossFit and paleo (I'm going to participate, at least informally, in our gym's next paleo challenge which starts in mid-July)
  • Maybe run in another 5K
  • One unassisted pull up
  • Double unders, OMG. I am so pitiful at them. I'd like to get two in a row. Hell, I'd like to get even just ONE consistently (what am I doing wrong!?!?!?!?)!
  • Keep knitting! I want to make lots of fun cute stuff.
  • Methodically declutter one room at a time (I've actually been doing this since May)
  • Make a decision with Brendan about whether to move or stay in this house (but declutter as if we are going to move!)
  • Attend two more conferences (one, starting TOMORROW!), and speak at one
  • Hopefully get back to Cultivating the Virtues stuff since we've been on an extended hiatus for practically all of 2011
  • Take a class in stand-up comedy

That's a lot! We'll see what I can do.

And then I posted this status on FB:

2011 is halfway over! I've accomplished much so far, and much still ahead. Do you have goals for the rest of the year? Let's hear 'em!

And was delighted that many of my friends responded with their goals for the rest of 2011, too!

So if you have any Mid-Year's Resolutions, and wish to share them with the rest of the class, post them in the comments, please! It's super inspiring to read about what everyone has done and will be doing, so I hope you do tell us what your goals are!

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Shannon Entin said...

Wow - great fitness progress! Impressive. My goals are keeping my weight down without being able to exercise (due to illness) and learning to convey more happiness. Wrote all about it on my blog. Good luck and keep moving forward!