Monday, July 18, 2011

The Busy

I know, I know! I still need to write up an OCON post, and I have a list of blog topics a mile long. But they will have to wait because I have a powerful need to make up a list of things I've been doing or have accomplished lately.

Because one day when I'm really really old, I will pull up this olde blogge and relive the memories.

So . . . just what is it I've been doing with my time lately (because it clearly hasn't been blogging)?

  • The kids and I have resumed our regularly scheduled summer, which has included a couple of trips to the pool, a couple of trips to the playground, hanging out with friends, lazing around with computer games or books or movies, and, of course, arguing. It's been so lovely.
  • We had an utterly disastrous trip to Monkey Joe's last week, deserving of a blog post in itself, if I can locate a sense of humor about it before I've blocked all of the hideous details from my brain. Kelly was there to enjoy the show, so probably she can help me dredge up those repressed memories. A preview: all three kids managed to burst into tears. Multiple times. Each. We were there two hours.
  • Kelly and I recorded three podcasts last night and we'll be releasing them soon! It was fun and we hope to record a bunch more this summer.
  • ATLOS  has two new Optional Value Groups: an Ender's Game reading group and a hiking club! I'm super excited about both groups.
  • I finished another dishcloth, which sounds boring, but actually I really like the ones I've made--they're very durable. And now I think I'm ready for circular needles and I'm going to try for a hat next (at the suggestion of one of my knitting friends). I really really really love knitting, even though I don't get to do it every day. I love it for many of the same reasons I love CrossFit, and I'm planning a post about that soon.
  • Speaking of CrossFit, I'm seeing all kinds of progress lately, yay! In addition to my new dead lift PR (185 pounds, yeah!), achieved at OCON with LB, I managed to do complete Fran with 65 pound thrusters (the prescribed weight for women I think, though I'm still on assisted pull ups) last week. And I have been improving in other areas, too. Overall, I feel AWESOME about how I'm doing (though the injury from that little box jump accident the other week is still not healed). I'm going four times a week now, and that's probably frequent enough for me.
  • I'm thinking of finding another 5K to do in September or October to see if my time improves. The other day I ran an 800m at CrossFit, slowly, I thought, because it was raining out and I had to pick my way around some puddles and mud (I was unsure how my VFFs would do in a slippery situation). Turns out that slow run (just barely) beat my previous time for an 800 so I'm getting faster. Someone asked me if I was interested in training for a half-marathon or anything like that. I'm really not. I really hate running for the most part, and one of the reasons I like CrossFit so much is that it's very broad and generalized, which I think is better for me. Still, I'm enamored with the idea that I can actually run 5K and you know how I love to measure my progress, so the occasional 5K (with only CrossFit as my training) is fun to do.
  • Cartwheels! I took the kids to the playground in our neighborhood the other night and finally got up the nerve to try a few cartwheels. For those who don't know, I did gymnastics for lots of years as a kid, and got pretty good. Anyway, I've been wondering about cartwheels again now that I'm all badass and strong from CrossFit. So I knocked out a couple dozen the other night! They weren't all perfect, but I'm pretty sure I got nice and vertical on many of them. It was FUN. I relived my childhood a bit there. Fun fun fun, and now I have some more gymnastics-related goals: back bends, handstands (which is a CrossFit thing too), and Kelly thinks I could get a back walk-over even. I'll try at least. Can you imagine if I can pull it off? I'll be such a hit at parties! :D :D :D
  • We haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie yet, but I have a sitter lined up so we can go see it next week. I'm SO excited to see it, but I have that sad end-of-an-era feeling. I saw the first movie when I was pregnant with Ryan!
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation is now available on Netflix streaming and we started watching it! Fun. Good memories from college, though Ryan is too young to appreciate the drinking game we used to play. 

So those are the main things I've got going on. There's more more more, because I am only short on time, not projects or ideas. Well, I'm short, too, but that's a different kind of short.

It's so wonderful to have such fun, happy, productive work to do! How boring my life would be without it. And now I'd better go do some of it!

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Lynne said...

Ooh! I was doing cartwheels on the beach last week with the girls! I hadn't done them in so long I thought I was going to really regret it. Happily, aside from my choice to wear skin-colored shorts and the perfect V snapshot Stephen took to memorialize the experience, I was left relatively unscathed. I'm ready for some back bends, but the back walkovers really stretch the crap out of my front side (technical term).

Have fun! Maybe next time we're all together we can have the 0600 gymnastics club!