Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enjoy Life Foods Video Taste Test!

Recently, we were once again the happy recipients of free cookies from Enjoy Life Foods. Oh happy day!

This time, for our taste test, we decided to make a video. Two videos, actually. Here's the first one:

And here's the second one:

We tasted four kinds of their new cookies, the crunchy Chocolate Chip, crunchy Double Chocolate, crunchy Sugar Crisp, and crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham. Why did I video the tests? Well, because I thought it would be an interesting thing to do, and who doesn't want to watch my adorable kids stuff their faces with cookies in front of my kitchen sink with dirty dishes? :D

Brendan and I tasted them, too (Again, it's for science! And capitalism! And fun!). I liked them all--Double Chocolate was my favorite (which should be no surprise to anyone). Brendan thought the Vanilla Honey Graham cookies tasted like Nilla Wafters, only better. They are VERY crunchy cookies. Personally, I prefer the soft kind of cookies (because they taste sort of like cake to me), but I certainly wouldn't turn up my nose at any of these cookies should I be offered some. :D

All of these cookies are gluten-free, and free of the Top 8 allergens--peanuts, tree nuts, egg, dairy, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish. (Thank goodness for the last two--can you imagine ANY cookies NOT free of fish or shellfish?)

Here's the thing about Enjoy Life cookies--we don't eat store-bought cookies very often. It's a very occasional special treat for us. But when we do, we get Enjoy Life! In fact, I'll be bringing some to a birthday party we're going to this weekend as an alternative to birthday cake, because I'm not sure if the cake will be safe for Ryan to eat. As much as he likes cake, he is THRILLED that we'll be picking up some Enjoy Life cookies to bring. And the best part is that there will be others at the party with different food allergies, so it makes it very easy to share. No worries for anyone.

As always, this post is my honest opinion--and hey, you saw the video evidence of how quickly those kids shoveled those cookies in their mouths! If you know my kids, you'll know that they'd tell us if they didn't like those cookies (in particular, Sean is still at that stage where he just instantly ejects anything he doesn't like the taste of right out of his mouth).

But don't take OUR word for it. Why not do your own taste test? Remember: it's for science! And capitalism! And fun! :D

Oh, and here are links to my previous Enjoy Life Foods product reviews. First one. Then the other.

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Colette said...

Oh your kids are adorable! And soooo well-behaved.