Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fitness Progress

Looking back over my workout logs of the last month or two, I noticed that I've made awesomely great progress recently. I'm going to list my current PRs (personal records) and maybe in a few months, I'll revisit these and see if I've made even MORE progress. (Bear with me, some of this repeats things I've written in other posts, but I feel a compulsive need to get it all down in one post.)

  • Power clean : 100 pounds (6/5/2011)
  • Bench press : 85 pounds (6/11/2011)
  • Deadlift : 185 pounds  (7/5/2011)
  • Push press : 110 pounds (7/20/2011)
  • Front squat : 120 pounds (7/25/2011)

All are my 1 rep maximums, except for the front squat and bench press, both of which were 3 reps! And I barely got the push press--that one was a TRUE one rep max.

Hmmm. . . back squats are missing. I haven't done back squats in a good long while to try to reach any kind of max. The last time I did them was in March, and the weight was 120 pounds. Given that you can generally lift more in a back squat than in a front squat, I'm guessing my back squat is currently a little higher.

Other notable, semi-recent stats:

I almost broke a 10 minute mile back in May. This is a big accomplishment for the likes of me, as I hate running and am very slow at it. I remember struggling to meet this goal back in high school, and it seems funny to me that I might actually finally meet it--when I'm 40!

I also finally rowed 500 meters in under 2 minutes, for the first time back in May, and then consistently since then (not that we row much in the summer it seems like). Next rowing goal: 1000m in under 4 minutes! Yeah, we'll see about that.

I completed Fran recently at the prescribed weight of 65 pound thrusters. And survived. Survival is always a plus.

I am able to do several kipping pull ups using the second-thinnest band on my pull up bar here at home. Only one more band to go, and then--unassisted pull ups, here I come!

Gymnastics progress! I already wrote all about how I can do kickass cartwheels. Well, I got independent verification of that from Kelly, who, in addition to all of her other many talents, is a gymnastics coach (for adults and kids). Vertical, baby. Probably I need to point my toes more and finish it off the way you're supposed to in competitive gymnastics, but still. VERT. I. CAL.

And Kelly helped me work up the nerve to do handstands! Out in the middle of a baseball field at a local park, not even up against a wall or anything! She spotted me on the first couple, and that was pretty much all I needed. I held the longest one for 4 or 5 seconds, I think. It's so amazing to me that my body remembers how to do this, from all those years ago. I was in gymnastics for lots of years, so I have MANY handstands and cartwheels in my brain, I guess! Still, I'm fascinated by the fact that my body remembers what to do--I can't describe it. It was just like riding a bike. Yeah, that's it! Next up: improve my form when doing a bridge, so I can work up to back bends.

One year ago, I wasn't doing ANY kind of regular physical activity. I basically started CrossFit cold. From scratch. (I started at the end of September 2010.)

Now look at all of the stuff I can do! Not bad for a 40 year old kid like me. And the best part--I'm getting better all the time! :D

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