Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lemonade for Freedom Day: August 20

Through my bloggy friend Judy, I learned that Saturday, August 20 will be Lemonade for Freedom Day!

Judy writes (emphasis in original):

When one lives in a "Nanny State", one must continually ask for permission to do things.
. . .
In America there is no longer the freedom to grow or bake food, or make something to drink, and sell it to our neighbors! and this kind of government control is taking hold in many communities.
The sad reality is that if you want to do almost anything you must get the permission of the government to do it first. And usually you have to pay a fee for that permission.
You can't open a business, drive a car, get married, have a pet or livestock, fix your porch, go fishing, or do a ton of other things without government permission. The rules and regulations set upon us by government entities is relentless.
I say - as a protest and a lesson to our children in civil disobedience - we should choose a Saturday - Like August 20 - and call it Lemonade for Freedom Day - and every child in America should have a lemonade stand!
Every liberty loving adult should stop at these lemonade stands and support Freedom!
Let's DO IT!
It's up to all of us to take this thing viral!

I couldn't agree more. There's even a website set up, dedicated to the cause. It says, correctly, that selling lemonade is not a crime. To which I'd add: it's not a privilege for which permission must be begged from government bureaucrats either.

Coincidentally (in the Great Minds Think Alike vein), Earl wrote a piece yesterday called "Forget the Tea Party, I Want to Start a Lemonade Party," and does a really nice job of illustrating just what is under attack when the lemonade stands are being shut down by bureaucrats.

Earl writes:

To be more specific, the lemonade stand issue represents the American dream under a 3-pronged attack by statists at all levels of government 
. . . .
I think that today, the most critically abused aspects of Individual Rights are these three [the ongoing erosion of property rights, denial of the right to contract, and the attack on individuals' right to earn a living]. The War on Lemonade Stands is a horrific encapsulation of what goes on every day, at all scales, when government oversteps its proper role of protecting our rights, and instead becomes the violator of our rights

The entire post is very much worth reading.

Well, the Casey family is IN for this. We're already figuring out what we want to sell at our lemonade stand, and tomorrow, I plan to get with the older kids and start some strategic and tactical planning.

Think of all the cool stuff we'll get to do! We'll get to develop and execute a business plan, track our costs and sales, count money, create signage, figure out a promotion plan, and hopefully, make a profit. (And yes, I count this as homeschool!)

Even more importantly: we'll get to take a lemonade stand with likeminded people from around the country to protest this assault on our rights. We'll learn about civil disobedience (that is, if this is actually illegal in my town--I have no idea) and what it means to do the right thing, even if it's hard. Or against the law. Or if people don't like it. (And yes, I count this as homeschool, too!)

As I wrote in one of my Halloween rants last fall:

However, I think fighting petty tyrannies is worthwhile sometimes. The main reason--it gives you lots and lots of practice for fighting more insidious tyrannies. And it demonstrates to others (in this case, my "Oh well. What are you gonna do?" neighbors) that you don't need to lie down and take it.

Lemonade for Freedom Day is a perfect opportunity to fight petty tyrannies and hone our skills for fighting the ginormous ones, too. 

WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?


Earl3d said...

WooHoo! I'm totally with you! :D

Anthony said...

Maybe I'll have a garage sale that day. Otherwise I don't think the kids will get many customers. The road in front of our house isn't very highly trafficked.

Qwertz said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. The zoning ordinance requires you to get permission to hold a garage sale, from the zoning director.

Chris Terry said...
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