Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Time Travel Tuesday & Happy Blogiversary!

Today's Time Travel Tuesday post is a shortie, but goodie--a little parenting advice from Orville Wright.
In fact, it's so short, that I'll reproduce the post in its original entirety, to save you the effort of clicking over. Because I'm nice like that.

While we were at the Museum of Science and Industry, we saw the model of the Wright Brothers' plane. We've seen the same set up many times in Kitty Hawk and Ryan even recognized it. Cool! Part of the exhibit included this quotation from Orville Wright, which Brendan pointed out to me and thought it was very blogworthy (also found here):
We were lucky enough to grow up in a home environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever aroused curiosity. In a different kind of environment our curiosity might have been nipped long before it could have borne fruit.
Isn't that awesome? What a tribute to his parents. Every child should be so "lucky."

I think of this quotation often, as our house is generally overrun with projects and experiments and businesses. It's a big part of my homeschooling philosophy, giving the kids lots and lots of time and opportunity for independent exploration. So I can relate to Mrs. Wright.

Though probably Mrs. Wright had higher housekeeping standards than I do so her house wasn't quite as disastrous-looking as mine typically is, but I suspect she got tired of every horizontal surface of her house being covered with a project, too.

And today marks the 6th year of this here blog! I named this blog "Rational Jenn" as a reminder to myself of my commitment to rationality (and the other virtues, too). Having that word always at the top of my computer screen (and now it's become my username for all manner of internet-related things, too) is a nice visible reminder of that goal. Sometimes I don't always live up to the commitment, but when that happens, I see my blog name and think Well, I guess I'd better start living up to that name again! and get going on life. :D

I'm at OCON in Florida just at the moment, and I'll be sure to tell you all about that experience next time I see you. I honestly wonder if I'd have made it to an OCON if it weren't for the blog--as a direct result of writing on this blog, I've been able to meet so many interesting, thoughtful, funny, happy people! And that's inspired me to keep on meeting new people (and renew old friendships) and stay in touch with all of these interesting, thoughtful, funny, happy people, too.

So thank you for reading and commenting and chatting with me in person, on Twitter, and on Facebook! It's an honor and a pleasure to know you!


T.L. Ryder said...

Happy Blogiversary!

We're an Engineering family, so the Wright brothers hold a special place in our hearts. My husband is an Aerospace Engineer, his dad is an Electrical Engineer, our son wants to be an Engineer too. :)

Chris Terry said...

That quote from Orville Wright is great! I might seriously frame that and put it in our play room. Thanks for sharing that, Jenn!