Friday, August 05, 2011

Found On Morgan's Video Camera

I think Morgan was a little envious of the THRILLING SUCCESS of Ryan's interview with Sean, which I believe may become a regular feature he's entitled Sean Talk.

So, naturally, she made her own interview and was ever so happy when I told her I'd post it to my blog! She calls this Sean Talk: The Next Generation (and I am not making that up).

Yes, Sean is a kitty throughout most of the interview. I don't know why.

My favorite part is the astronaut interlude. And the big Pouty Lip at the end (one of Sean's trademarks). I'm so glad we have a nice video of that Pouty Lip, aren't you?

Thanks, Morgan for this interview!


Kelly Elmore said...

Hobbytown USA!! :)

HaynesBE said...

My oh my but those are precious!!