Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Time Travel Tuesday: This will be Funny One Day, Right? RIGHT?!??!

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite parenting WINS, for no other reason than I happened to remember this incident earlier today.

Hmmm. . . it only occurs to me just now that the biggest wins must necessarily be borne out of complete and utter disaster. Good thing to keep in mind.

So one of the things we did while Brendan's family was in town was paint Morgan's room pink! She's been making do with the old green walls of the nursery, and the zoo animal wallpaper border, and a mish-mash of furniture new and old. (Sean's room will be our current guest room, so he's not in the old nursery.) 
Tuesday was wet and rainy, our family brought old clothes and so we got a nice shade of pink paint from Home Depot and went to work! It's very pretty and I plan to touch up tonight. 
So anyway, the kids were upstairs and quiet this afternoon--too quiet. I called up, "Whatcha doing?" Both of them, "Nothing!" 
Suspicious, I headed upstairs with the baby. Ryan, obviously anticipating the next scene, tells me, "Morgan's painting her carpet." and skedaddled. 
W. T. F.

Read the whole sordid tale here.

This was a major win for me because I did NOT scream at them, though how I longed to. I managed to get my feelings (shock and horror) across in an appropriate way. Here's the thing: they still got the message even though I didn't shout! Imagine that!

Another aspect of the win was giving Ryan another chance to tell the truth. I may have used a bit of the Mommy Jedi Mind Trick, too. Have you used that? It's just "I don't think you're telling me the truth." and then sit back and quietly look at them for a very. long. time. I've got about an 85% success rate on that with Ryan. With M, it only works about half the time (she is a very good and remorseless liar). Haven't tried it on Sean just yet.

So hooray for parenting wins and finding the funny! And yes, it's funnier today than it was a couple of years ago. But I'm still never letting them around opened cans of latex paint ever ever again. :D

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