Monday, September 12, 2011

See Me Beautiful: A Reminder to Assume Positive Intent

This morning, a friend of mine told me about this song, See Me Beautiful. I challenge you not to tear up as you listen:

Here are the lyrics:

See me beautiful,
look for the best in me.
That's what I really am,
and all I want to be.
It may take some time
It may be hard to find,
but see me beautiful.
See me beautiful,
each and every day.
Could you take a chance?
Could you find a way?
To see me shining through
in everything I do
and see me beautiful.

My friend's kids' preschool classes sang it to the parents at the end of the year. He pointed out what an Assume Positive Intent kind of song it is.

It is, a lovely reminder to spend a little more time trying to understand the whys behind what they are doing, knowing that will help me know better what to do with the behaviors mis-taken.

Because my children ARE beautiful and I do see them that way (though that beautiful shine sometimes gets covered up by screaming or coloring on carpet or arguing). Because when they wake up in the mornings, they wake up full of awesome.


T.L. Ryder said...

Assuming positive intent is such a powerful gift, both to have and to receive. Although in Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", her character Jane takes it a bit too far sometimes, it is one of Janes biggest and sweetest strengths.

HaynesBE said...

Loved the song, and the "awesome" link even more.
Thanks Jenn.
I see you beautiful.