Friday, September 16, 2011

Stepping on the September Roller Coaster Of Awesome

Am I really lazier in the summer, or are there really that many more fun things to do in the fall? Here's my schedule for the next week:

  • Today: Homeschool Day at the Carlos Museum to look at mummies (lots of ATLOS moms [dads?] and kids are going, woohoo!), then tonight, the annual pirate party at our friends' house. No I do not have a costume, and I still have yet to find a Captain Morgan's Rum shirt for Miss Morgan. Ah well.
  • Saturday: Livy's birthday party and then out to dinner for our anniversary which is today--Happy 16th Anniversary, Brendan! Yes, we rearranged our anniversary dinner in order to attend the pirate party. It's all about priorities.
  • Sunday: A paleo picnic with friends (we might win a cow!) which I haven't completely decided if I'm doing, and a crafter's circle with friends, which I haven't completely decided if I'm doing. Why haven't I decided if I'm doing those awesomely fun things? Because I am too overwhelmed to think about it right now.
  • Tuesday: Going to pick some apples up in Ellijay with homeschool friends, then the ATLOS Happy Hour in the evening.
  • Thursday: A long-planned, oft-delayed gathering (they're too old for "playdates" I think) for Ryan and a couple of his friends. They'll all come over here and destroy his room make movies and have fun. I'm REALLY looking forward to this!
  • Friday: BREATHE.
  • Next Saturday: A long hike with folks from ATLOS over Kennesaw Mountain.
  • Next Sunday: Brendan has to work, which means I have to work, but at least it's a day off of activities before the next week's activities resume!

And this doesn't include my regular visits to CrossFit, which I hope will resume at my normal pace now that I've recovered (mostly) from this cold. Or trips to the grocery store or other errands. Or read-alouds and long discussions about military weapons from WWII or DNA. Or fooling around on the internets.

Okay. Do not misunderstand me here. I LOVE doing all of these things. I LOVE doing all of these things with so many People of Awesome.

Every September this happens. I step on the Busy Train and then the next thing I know, it's mid-January. On one hand, I love being busy and having lots to do and seeing lots of things and having lots of wonderful people to do these things with. On the other hand, I need to figure out how to slow down time or something because I do not want to look up and discover that it's already next year.

Solutions? Thoughts? Should I just suck it up and enjoy the ride? (Seriously considering that option this year.)

In the meantime, I need to go . . . gotta start planning for pumpkin-patching and Halloween and fall hikes and maybe a trip or two up to the cabin!

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