Monday, October 17, 2011

Images from the Weekend

We had a fun, busy weekend. Did you know that I routinely look forward to Monday mornings, because THAT'S WHEN I CAN SLEEP IN? That's the crazy life of a homeschooling mommy. :D

It started off with 10 sets of 2 front squats at CrossFit:

I have to say that I had excellent form all the way through, as evidenced by the fact that (what little) soreness I had in my legs the next day was in my hamstrings/glutes. None at all in my quads. (As an aside, I rarely have much DOMS these days. Is that a good or bad thing?)

Ryan, Brendan, and I took a gun safety class on Sunday morning with a couple of friends. This is something we've been meaning to do for a long, long while. It's great that the gun range will let kids (as young as 8, I think) take the classes and learn to shoot, too. Yes, this counts as homeschool. :D

Ryan was THRILLED, as you can no doubt imagine:

Before yesterday, I had never so much as touched a firearm. So I'm pretty pumped about how well I did:

Jenn kills paper targets: DEAD.

Yesterday afternoon, we took a family field trip to North Georgia where we met Brendan's mom and sister who are vacationing in North Carolina. We hung out at an outlet mall and then had a fun dinner. My sister-in-law took these pictures of the younger two kids:

She is quite a ham.

QUITE a ham.

There were tons of tents set up in the parking lot, and that was the most funnest thing EVER.

Who doesn't love the Toys R Us store at the outlet mall?

And something fun we did this weekend that we didn't get a picture of: we watched the first part of Fellowship of the Ring with Ryan. AWESOME!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Monday--may this week be as fun for all of us as this past weekend!