Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lovely Weekend

I had a GREAT weekend. So great, as it happens, that I'm still kind of having it. What I mean is that it's taking me a longer time than usual to get back into my regular routine and level of productivity. I'm mostly sure this is a Good Thing.

Last weekend, we went to a Halloween party with homeschool friends on Friday night. It was so much chaos fun and I'm so grateful our family was included. I really hope my friend didn't have too much trouble recovering from the mess in her house--I think I counted around 16-18 kids between the ages of 2 and 13. That's quite a lot of kids.

As if that wasn't fun enough, my sister arrived for the weekend on Saturday. She immediately announced that she wanted me to teach her to knit! I was so excited (though a bit doubtful about my ability to teach it to her). We had a quick lesson and then sat and practiced a bit before carving pumpkins and roasting seeds with the kids. We had so much fun doing that that I completely forgot all about the Spooky Trail put on by our neighbors. Oh well, next year!

The best part about having an extra adult on hand for pumpkin carving is the fact that I don't have to stick my hands in the pumpkins and pull out the guts. It's not just that I hate doing that--I do--but it also causes like a weird itching on my skin. A mild allergy/intolerance? Might explain why I've never liked anything with pumpkin in it. So my nice, nice sister pulled out all of the guts and I rinsed and roasted seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a once-a-year treat for us, since I can never seem to find any peanut-safe ones at the stores.

On Sunday, we ate at a Brazilian restaurant (the perfect post-CrossFit snack!) and then went to JoAnn Fabrics in search of yarn and needles for my sister! (By the way, did you know that JoAnn will give the 15% educators discount to homeschoolers? Just bring in your DOI and fill out the form and that's it!) We came home and knitted the afternoon away. And I can't even remember what we did that evening. Hung out and played with the kids and generally being leisurely.

Monday was Halloween, and even though Brendan had to go to work, it felt like a day off for me somehow. I had an eye doctor appointment and my sister got to argue with Ryan hang out with the kids for me while I did that. We met Kelly and Livy for lunch and then we all headed back here for Halloween crafts and more pumpkin seed roasting and fun.

We didn't have our big bash this year, and while I missed it in a way, I'm mostly glad we kept our group small this year--just my kids and their bestest, Livy, who has literally spent every Halloween of her life at my house. My sister passed candy out to the neighborhood kids and so I got to go out with the kids. Sean knew just what to do and meowed his "trick-or-treats" in a very enthusiastic way. Morgan brandished her battle axe and stake with frightening authenticity, considering she's only ever seen one episode of Buffy. And Ryan marshaled the troops effectively and generally bossed everyone about which path to take. (You can see pictures on my FB page.) They got tons of candy, most of which I sent home with their friend because it was all peanutty. I exchanged the poison peanut candy for safe candy and toys.

And then my sister left for home and while I did manage to get caught up on laundry (I KNOW!) and some cabin business and errands and bill paying and book reading, I still can't shake the feeling that time has somehow slowed and things are pleasant and easy and maybe it's okay if I just knit another row or two before I take care of dinner.

I kind of like this feeling, and I hope it doesn't go away soon! I wish all weekends and holidays could be this stress-free and pleasant.


Colette said...

Oh,lucky you! Here it was snow, ice, downed trees, no power, and no internet :-(

bofroggy said...

I get the weird itchy hands with pumpkin guts, too! And when handling raw potatoes. Weird. Don't forget, you also carved time out of your amazingly busy schedule to see Z play :)

Jenn Casey said...

Colette: That is super no fun! Snow and ice and no power rarely happens on Halloween in Georgia, so you should try maybe heading South for Halloween?

Bofroggy: I forgot to add Z's concert! That's right--so much fun. Btw, M is planning to invite Z to her birthday party (in March). :D