Monday, November 21, 2011

The One About My Birthday

When I was 8 years old, I made up a little song that I sang to myself the entire year. Here are the lyrics:

"I'm eight! And I'm great!"

That pretty much summed up how I felt about myself, the world, life, the universe, everything. I definitely woke up full of awesome most days when I was 8. I was a little sad to turn 9, because "I'm nine! And I'm fine!" just didn't have the same feeling to it. I mean, would you rather be great or fine? I thought so. So I gave up my age-related theme songs.

There have been long stretches of time in my life where I definitely did not wake up full of awesome, but I am happy to say that the last decade or so has not included too many of those non-awesome stretches.

And I'm pleased to report that this past year has been the most chock full of awesome yet. I made amazing progress on all fronts--professional (yes, I do have a non-Mommy professional life!) and personal (mental and physical). I have a wonderful husband, wonderful kids, wonderful productive values to pursue at my Mommy and non-Mommy jobs.

Almost every single day of 40, I woke up full of awesome. And I pretty much plan to continue doing more of the same now that I'm 41. I mean, why change a good thing?

And I've decided to reinstate the theme song. So sing it with me, sing it loud:

"I'm 41! And I'm great!"

(Feel free to adapt the lyrics to your own life--but change only the number. Stay GREAT. Always.)

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Katie Davis said...

Happy Birthday Jenn! I hope you have another great year.