Monday, November 28, 2011

The One About Thanksgiving

Well I just had a splendid birthday/Thanksgiving week!

I really did run in a 5K on Thanksgiving morning, despite the fact that the morning started out at about 38 degrees and I really dislike, you know, running. It was a huge race, lots of fun things going on in Marietta Square, tons of people, etc. I did it--slowly--but I did it.

I have to say that the songs that came up in shuffle mode on my iPod were so awesome because they generally mirrored how I was feeling during each phase of the race. So I'm going to write them down for posterity:

  • Crazy--Gnarls Barkley (Started before the gun went off and played during that first shuffle-through-the-start phase, and it made me laugh because I felt really crazy for even doing this race.)
  • Freewill--Rush (And of course I was doing this out of my own free will, so I had no one to blame but myself...)
  • Holding out for a Hero--Bonnie Tyler (But I AM the hero of my own life, so look at me, doing something difficult and productive and maybe even a little heroic!)
  • All These Things That I've Done--The Killers (And I've not only done this race, but others, and oh yeah, I recently deadlifted 195 pounds five times so that's an accomplishment, too! Go me! I'm badass!)
  • This Too Shall Pass--OK Go (But here's the part where the race is sucking and I'm hating myself--though this part happened past mile 2 instead before I was halfway done, so maybe I'm growing as a person here--and it's good to remind myself that I might actually live through it.)
  • F*** You--Cee Lo Green (Pretty much sums up my feelings toward everything in the universe at this point...)
  • La Villa Strangiato--Rush (Started almost at the end, and it was definitely time for an instrumental because I thought I was going to go crazy if I had to listen to someone else sing the words in my subconscious.)

I think I might have missed a song in there--maybe something by Queen? But you get the idea. It was as if the shuffle mode had a link to my brain. Probably the other people thought I was a little strange because I know I laughed a couple of times.

I did not beat my last time--I came in about 45 seconds slower--but I'm good with that. This course was a lot hillier than the last one, so I figured that evens things out a bit. Also, I finished, which I'm not sure if I mentioned, and really that's the most important part.

After the race, I came home to find my wonderful family already working on dinner! So I showered up and helped them out.

The dinner turned out wonderfully (I'll put up a separate post with pictures today or tomorrow). We had just a few friends over and hung out, drank wine, ate chocolate pie and bonus Nutella treats that one of my friends brought over, and watched Elf with the kids. You have never heard such hysterical laughter, I promise. We'll be seeing that a few hundred more times in the next month, I think.

Our Thanksgiving was marred only by a bout of Pukinson's Disease (Sean) which began after midnight and kept us both awake until the wee sma's. We think this is only the second or third time Sean has ever thrown up, and you forget what it's like for a small child, to have your body behave this way. It's rather terrifying. He did not suffer in silence and I'm amazed that anyone else in the house was able to sleep through it! He was fine the next day and nobody else got it, so I guess it was one of those Little Kid Things, or maybe he ate something that didn't sit well with his system.

We had a lovely weekend full of knitting and cleaning up and social activities and this week will be crazy, too! On Thursday, Ryan and I are leaving for Phoenix to attend my cousin's wedding. Brendan will be hanging here with Morgan and Sean and I'm certain all kinds of adventures will be had. So probably blogging will be pretty light until next week--but I do plan to put up pictures of our yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, too!

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