Friday, November 04, 2011

Sean the Contrarian

Ah, Three! You are such fun in so many ways. You are energetic and independent and funny and interested in doing everything. You sing songs and make up stories and spend a lot of time pretending you are a black kitty cat. You still think I am the best person ever put on the planet.

But you also are just a wee bit argumentative. And bossy. And, to be completely honest, a bit of a know-it-all. You are especially prone to BATTLING TO THE DEATH (or the pain) over the craziest things.

To offer a few recent examples from real life:

  • You screamed at me for cleaning the dirty windshield on the car with the windshield wipers because evidently I am not supposed to use the wipers when it's not raining.
  • You complained that two kids were doing cartwheels in the field next to the gymnastics building because you are only supposed to do cartwheels inside the gym.
  • On the day after Halloween, you fussed at me for the fact that Spooky Town is still up. You continue to remind me of this serious breech of holiday etiquette on an hourly basis. Yes, it's still up. (And yes, my friend S. will love this!)
  • When I announced that we're leaving the house in about 30 minutes, you shouted: "NO! We are leaving in 21 MINUTES!" with a glare, daring me to contradict you.

I've lost count of the arguments you've had with your siblings, one of whom is somewhat of a Professional Contrarian himself. And to be truthful, you do occasionally have legitimate gripes and complaints that must be addressed.

Just yesterday, you had your first real-live temper tantrum (took you a while!). Tantrums I can deal with, no problem.

The arguing? The pointless, pointless arguing, especially with your brother which necessitates that I must stop what I am doing and go involve myself? Well, that might be what does me in.

It's a good thing you are really stinking cute. :D


Amy said...

And then the pattern repeats itself with the five year olds. It's those odd numbers. Mine argued with daddy today because the babysitter was coming at 8:30, not "in 30 minutes" even though it was 8 o'clock. But no, the babysitter comes at 8:30, never ever ever, in 30 minutes. That's the wrong kind of 30.

bofroggy said...

Oh, I love that boy so much! He's totally right about Spooky Town, btw! I'm totally on his side with that one :)

Jenn Casey said...

Some people just love to argue, I guess. Especially if they're related to me!

Bofroggy: Your influence with this child is strong, though he did cry a lot when I finally put away Spooky Town yesterday.