Monday, December 12, 2011

Enjoy Life Seeds & Fruit Mixes

A while back, Enjoy Life Foods sent us samples of their two seed and fruit mixes: Beach Bash and Mountain Mambo, and asked us to try them in exchange for an honest blog review. As usual, we were happy to oblige!

It's taken a while to get this review up in part because of the holidays, and also because we videoed our reactions again--and then I lost part of the video. I think one of the kids accidentally deleted something. So this will be a blog-only review, no video this time. :( Thankfully, I took notes!

Let me preface this by saying that my kids have very limited experience with trail mix or any sort of similar snack food. We just don't eat that kind of stuff, mostly due to the peanut allergy. I was interested to try an alternative to traditional trail mix.

First, we tried Beach Bash, which has dried pineapple, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and dried apricots. It was pretty good, though the kids weren't such a fan of the seeds, and in fact, expressed shock and dismay that the mix is just riddled with them! Basically, they picked out the fruit, especially the pineapple, and ate that. Which, I have to admit, is EXACTLY what I used to do with trail mix when I was a kid.

So Beach Bash has a tropical kind of thing going on, and can I just say HOORAY! Because it's been sooooo long since I've tasted any kind of trail mix ever! Good Stuff.

The next kind we tried was Mountain Mambo, which has sunflower and pumpkin seeds as the base, like Beach Bash, and also has raisins, dried apples, CHOCOLATE CHIPS, and cranberries.

Okay, Mountain Mambo was definitely the favorite at my house. Can you guess why? There's a hint in the previous paragraph. :)

Again, the kids mainly picked around the seeds and went for the sweet stuff. I liked this combination of flavors pretty well, although I can't decide which trail mix I prefer. On one hand, Mountain Mambo has CHOCOLATE CHIPS! On the other, Beach Bash has the yummy pineapple. Personally, I think you should get a bag of each and test it for yourselves.

I think these seed and fruit mixes were our least favorite Enjoy Life product, though, but I suspect that mostly has to do with the fact that there aren't any cookie pieces in the ingredients. Having never eaten anything like trail mix before (try finding peanut-free trail mix on the shelf at a grocery store--impossible!), they had no idea such healthier alternatives to cookies existed. And were understandably confused and disappointed. :)

But for those of us who might want something a little less cookie-ish, and are avoiding the Top 8 allergens as well as gluten (yes, these are gluten-free!), these trail mixes are a good choice. They taste great and would make a yummy snack on a hike.

Just make sure you explain to your kids what trail mix is and that it doesn't actually contain cookies BEFORE you give it to them. :)

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