Thursday, December 08, 2011

How Much?

Check out our coin jar!

We've been throwing spare change in there for about 13 months or so and it is finally overflowing. So just for fun, I thought I'd ask for your guesses about how much money is in there.

Some specifics: It's a gallon-sized glass jar (I think it's a gallon--see the comparison picture below) and with all the coins in it, it now weighs 38.4 pounds. That's more than Sean weighs!

All of the coins in there are American (maybe a few Canadian snuck in there), including a few Madison dollars, too, because once I went to the Post Office by mistake. (Which is redundant--I think going to the Post Office can generally be considered a mistake.)

I can't say for sure, but I imagine the distribution of coins is pretty typical--what I mean is, we didn't consciously try to hold quarters out of the mixture, or only tried to dump pennies into it.

I'm going to take it to one of those coin machines at the grocery store this weekend some time (I know, it lops a percentage off of what I receive, but my hourly billing rate is much higher than what I'll pay, so it's totally worth it). I will let you know the official numbers very soon!

I wish I could say you'd win a huge prize or something for guessing correctly or even really closely, but I can't. It's all just for fun and bragging rights.

So let's have it--how much money is in that jar?


Butch Howard said...


Samuel Kennedy said...


Coinstar: A business that exists just because pennies are so worthless we'll pay someone to take them from us. And who ever said the government doesn't create jobs.

Unless you've got your mind set on cold hard cash, try getting an gift certificate instead, it may not take out a fee.

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John Drake said...

My guess is the median of everyone else's guesses

Amy said...

John, that's awesome. I say $210.

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Victoria C said...

I'm going to guess $583. If I were you, I would totally have the kids in on this. Consumer math is best taught by living it -every kid loves to roll change! (via: Comment Luv)

Jenn Casey said...

And here's your answer, everyone!